Understanding and Healing Lupus

If you suffer from lupus, or a loved one does, you know how poorly most lupus healing strategies and remedies work. It has been a very tough illness to deal with as most of the time what the doctors prescribe fixes the symptoms for a short while, but never the core of the illness. Long-term use of drugs and medications will often make you more ill in the long run as these are toxic to the body. (They are altered from nature so they can be patented, and once a natural molecule is altered, it can’t be used properly by the body and becomes toxic to it.) 

Lupus, along with all other autoimmune diseases are a byproduct of a weak immune system.  An autoimmune disease is a harmful immune response against healthy and normal tissues and substances in the body.  It attacks the cells using inflammation to try and get rid of pathogens and infections in the body. This doesn’t succeed, as inflammation is not meant to fight pathogens and does a poor job of it. Lupus is another name for a handful of symptoms, also known as side effects of your body’s struggle with pathogens and toxins.  These symptoms can include: 

* Swelling,

* Pain of the joints and muscle pain  

* Weakness,

* Fatigue,

* Sun-sensitivity, and

* Hair loss 

* "Butterfly" or malar rash (a rash across the nose and cheeks) 

* Fever,

* Anemia and

* Headaches 

* Recurrent miscarriages

Symptoms of discoid lupus include a variety of different looking skin rashes, photo-sensitivity, & sometimes mouth or nose ulcers.  

And you will have a number of other symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases.  Read about them on the Autoimmune Symptoms report on this website.

In fact, many of the conditions below are related to a compromised Immune System as well:

* Allergies

* Arthritis 

* Headaches.

* Menstrual cycle difficulty

* Low endurance and

* Chronic fatigue

* Indigestion

Causes of Lupus

In order to understand what to do to reverse lupus, you need to understand the underlying causes of it.  There are two fundamental causes of lupus -- and every other autoimmune disease for that matter.

Lupus Cause #1:  PATHOGENS

By far the main cause of lupus, maybe 80% of the time, is pathogens.

More exactly, chronic infections caused by small pathogens like viruses, prions and mycoplasma. When your body can’t get rid of these pathogens, lupus or some other autoimmune disease develops. These pathogens reside in your cells.

Because they are in your cells, your immune system (when it eventually becomes worn out trying to get rid of them the way it normally does) attacks the cells that have pathogens in them. It attacks the cells using inflammation to try and get rid of those pathogens. This doesn’t succeed as inflammation is not meant to fight pathogens and does a poor job of it.  

Unfortunately, the inflammation damages your cells in what is described as an autoimmune response. It’s not supposed to happen this way. And it doesn’t start out happening this way.

At first your immune system uses what are called TH-1 immune cells to attack these pathogens. These TH-1 cells are designed to deal with pathogens. They are the right choice. But with some pathogens, the TH-1 cells don’t succeed. The pathogens, like the Epstein Barr viruses, stay in the body and aren’t eliminated.

So at some point the TH-1 side of the immune system runs out of juice, and the inflammatory, TH-2 side takes over the job. In fact, sometimes the pathogens trick the immune system to activating the TH-2 side of the immune system while deactivating the TH-1 side.

So, your immune system is out of balance, attacking your cells with the over-responding TH-2 inflammatory immune system cells, while your TH-1 immune cells are deactivated, worn out and not working. 

One aspect of dealing with lupus is to modulate the immune system -- to bring it back into balance.  However, it is even more important to eliminate the pathogens that initiate the autoimmune response. 

Sometimes pathogens are not the underlying cause of lupus. Instead, exposure to toxins -- lots of toxins -- is the cause.

Lupus Cause #2: TOXINS

Normally, when toxins enter your body, they are carried to the liver where they are filtered out, neutralized and eliminated. But when you are exposed to more toxins entering your body than the liver can detoxify, your body ends up sticking toxins in cells. Some of these toxins seem to be so irritating that your immune system attacks your cells in an attempt to eliminate these toxins, creating an autoimmune disease like lupus.

Because pathogens always produce toxic waste, you also end up with too many toxins when your lupus is caused by pathogens. If you can get the liver working better, so that it can successfully eliminate toxins, then your cells can gradually release the toxins in them.  If your lupus is caused or is partially caused by toxins, then this gradual elimination of the toxins will wind down the lupus.

If your liver is not handling toxins well, then toxins released by cells will stay in your body, irritating it, causing pain and dysfunction -- and lupus can continue.

Liver dysfunction can be a major cause of lupus. It is always involved one way or the other as a buildup of toxins in the body is always found in any autoimmune condition.

What To Do To Heal Lupus

For over a decade we have had many supplements that have helped people with lupus. As we bring in new products better than the previous ones, the suggested protocol changes. This new protocol is the best we have had.

It deals with every major issue. And in ways that we've never been able to do so before. More can always be done, but below are the most vital supplements to be using. They deal with the underlying issues that cause lupus and give you a real shot at turning this around.

These supplements are listed in order of importance -- but all are most valuable to use and each serves a specific purpose in the overall regime.

As virtually all the time it is a chronic infection, usually viral or mycoplasma, that leads to the autoimmune response causing lupus, the single most important supplement is a unique pathogen fighter.

Use 1 or 2 quarts a month of Silver 9.0 Plus -- This is a remarkable pathogen killer. It is a special colloidal silver put into an OH water base using a proprietary process. This combination of OH water and colloidal silver makes the silver much more effective.

A couple of herbs are put in it also, Oregano and Olive Leaf tincture, to help it being even more effective for knocking out pathogens. Plus it is energized to help it kill pathogens and deal with spores. The OH water will help to reduce inflammation too.

When you eliminate the pathogens the immune system is responding to, then the autoimmune response will stop. Use Silver 9.0 Plus three to four months to knock out the infection.

Next you need to calm down the immune system to turn off the autoimmune response.

The most important supplements that will help turn off the inflammation causing, organ damaging lupus symptoms are the following.

Allergy Relief Elixir   This frequency enhanced elixir tells the body to turn off the responses of the immune system that cause autoimmune responses and inflammation to develop. It was originally designed and named to deal with allergies. As the immune system works in a very similar way with allergies as it does with autoimmune responses, it does an excellent job of telling that immune system to calm down and chill out.

Allergy Relief tells the body to reduce the over-production of immune system cells such as IgE, that cause inflammation and damage to cells, bringing them down to low normal levels. This enables the immune system's response to allergens, pathogens and toxins to calm down.

It also supports the adrenal glands and their ability to produce cortisol and DHEA. Pituitary and hypothalamus function are optimized as they work with the adrenal glands to regulate production of these hormones.

Sympathetic nervous system function is balanced and optimized so that adequate amounts of cortisol hormones can be produced. Reducing the sympathetic nervous system stress response and activating the parasympathetic nervous system relaxing and healing response lets the immune system calm down.

All this is done naturally, without drugs, resetting the body to a mode that doesn't allow allergy symptoms or autoimmune reactions to develop.

It is proving to be a powerful way to reduce the inflammatory response of the immune system which is what causes the inflammation and damage in lupus.

It is best to use 2 bottles a month of Allergy Relief Elixir to more rapidly reset the immune system and calm down the autoimmune response.

Another powerful way to help your body reduce inflammation is to use….

Optimal C Elixir  This frequency enhanced elixir tells the body to make its own vitamin C and a lot of it. High doses of vitamin C clean your blood and cells of free radicals, greatly reducing inflammation.

Humans do not make vitamin C like most mammals do because the gene turning on production of the L-gulonolactone oxidase enzyme that is needed to make vitamin C is missing.

The instructions in Optimal C take the place of this gene. They turns on L-gulonolactone oxidase production by the liver, and then tell it to create optimal levels of vitamin C in the body. This can be a very large amount of vitamin C.

A 150 pound goat, when unstressed, produces 13,000 mg of vitamin C a day, and when stressed, can produce up to 13 times more, approximately 169,000 mg a day. If you take Optimal C Elixir, your production could reach those levels too, if needed. It will stimulate the body to produce similar quantities of vitamin C.

This production is highly anti-inflammatory. Better still, this vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, removes toxins, and gets the immune system working better. These actions are all valuable actions that will help you recover from lupus.

In addition, the ability to produce your own vitamin C in high quantities would be one of the best aides to maintaining your health and living a long life. You have to continue using Optimal C to make vitamin C. Once you stop taking it, there are no longer instructions turning on production of it.

Work up to using as much as 3 bottles a month of Optimal C when you are dealing with lupus. After 6 months, if you wish to continue using it, reduce to 2 bottles a month, and after another 6 months you can reduce to 1 bottle a month, for as long as you want that extra boost to your health.

Immune system supplements that modulate or balance out the immune system response, turning down an over-responding inflammation causing autoimmune response while building up the weakened pathogen fighting side of the immune system.

Over the years we have reviewed and recommended many immune system modulation supplements such as Nature-Leaf. In fact we recently talked with a women with lung scleroderma who started using Nature-Leaf and some of our other suggestions back in 2001.

After she got better, she has continued using Nature-Leaf as a maintenance. Her latest checkup in September 2016 revealed completely clear lungs. Given that the usual prognosis for lung scleroderma has been about a 5 year span till death, she was quite happy.

Allergy Relief Elixir by directly telling the immune system to calm down, is more powerful that immune system supplements to provide nutrients that stimulate the same action. However, doing both is best.

And the best immune system modulator that is currently available is a relatively new one called

Optimal Immune 2 This is an emulsified oil and water formula packed full of immune system support nutrients. It also supports liver and brain function.

This combination can heat and penetrate congested liver pathways to remove trapped minerals and fats from the liver and clear bile ducts. 

Optimal Immune 2 supplies the liver cells and your body as a whole, important immune support nutrients. These nutrients enable your immune system to better deal with chronic infections in the liver and throughout the body. 

Better still, they work in a way that modulates the immune system -- that reduces inflammation and calms down any autoimmune response.
Optimal Immune 2 clears mucous from the body’s cellular pathways, improves circulation and delivers nutrients to penetrate otherwise unreachable tissue and cells.
3 Actions That Help Optimal Immune 2 Deal With Lupus
First -  Most of the time chronic viral, mycoplasma, or bacterial infections that persist in your body turn on the autoimmune response that leads to lupus. 

Optimal Immune 2 increases the ability of your immune system to eliminate these chronic infections. Both with immune system support and by helping the liver working better which enables the brain to function better. This helps the brain control the immune system and help reduce the autoimmune response.

Second - With a focus on repairing and regenerating the liver, Optimal Immune 2 helps to detoxify your body.

Third -  Optimal Immune 2 reduces inflammation. The oils in it have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Optimal Immune 2 turns down the over-responding TH-2 side of the immune system that causes the inflammatory attack on your cells -- while at the same time boosting the TH-1 immune system cells that are the cells that attack and kill pathogens like viruses and mycoplasma.

Use 1 bottle a month of Optimal Immune 2 when dealing with lupus.

Scleroderma and many other autoimmune diseases have a correlation with low vitamin D levels. If you aren’t out in the sun a lot, and don’t take supplemental D3, get

Vitamin D Mulsion Forte    This is a very cost effective 750 serving of 2000 IU per drop, emulsified vitamin D supplement. Low vitamin D has been highly correlated to scleroderma. The fact that someone has lupus is an indication that their vital D levels are likely low.

As you get your levels to a high normal range, your immune system works better, inflammation lessons, and overall health improves. Consider taking at least 5000 IU a day. A bottle can easily last 6 months.

Supporting the Detoxification Process

The next issue to deal with is getting the liver and cells detoxification processes working better. Years of toxin exposure from the pathogens has seriously damaged the detoxification pathways. Optimal Immune 1 & 2 is a powerful start to this process as it clears pathways in the liver. Much more should be done though as it is a malfunction in the production of the detoxification pathway enzymes that interferes with the detoxification process.

To deal with this use three elixirs that are infused with and deliver to the body the subtle energies of instructions to the body, telling the body to repair the detoxification pathways. They are…

2 bottles a month MPR Elixir for Methylation Pathway Repair.   With a toxic overload the methylation pathways in cells and in the liver that are primary pathways for detoxing are damaged. This damage is primarily loss of the ability to make the enzymes needed for these pathways to function properly.  Repair of these pathways is essential if your body is going to detoxify. This elixir gives instructions to the body to produce the enzymes needed for the all important methylation pathway. As such, it is fundamental to the detoxification process when the body is heavily overloaded with toxins.

2 bottles a month Liver Detox Pathways Elixir   This frequency enhanced elixir optimizes function of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the detoxification pathways in the liver. Helping the liver to better deal with toxins. Generally what this means is that the Phase 1 pathway is turned down a bit, so it doesn't pull as many toxins out of the blood, no more than the Phase 2 pathways can detoxify. And production of the Phase 2 enzymes is turned on so that the liver can process and send out of the body, more toxins.

2 bottles a month Cellular Detoxification Elixir This frequency enhanced water elixir tells the body to improve and optimize the detoxification pathways in cells. In addition it increases energy production in cells, enabling them to better eliminate toxins.

These elixirs, along with Optimal Immune 2, form the basis for getting the detoxification process in the body working properly so that the body can eliminate all those toxins that have become stuck in it. Poisoning the body.

Stimulating Repair and Healing

The final part of the equation to healing lupus is to stimulate repair and healing in the body. The better this can be done, the faster your health will improve.

Two other elixirs stimulate overall healing and repair in the body. They will more rapidly help your health improve. Use....

1 bottle a month Whole Body Wellness Elixir This elixir deals with broad, macro energy patterns that may have led to the development of lupus or any of your health issues. Helps to re-establish overall body healing. It transmits vibrations to your body that work to correct the broad, deeply enmeshed subconscious energy patterns that effect your health and even overall dysfunction in your life. It is designed to clear these patterns and to establish new patterns of health and wellness and gives an emphasis on unconditional love.

1 bottle a month Cellular Healing Elixir  This elixir works on clearing and reprogramming energies in your cells that may be causing poor cellular function. And works to stimulate healthy reproduction of cells.

Specifically, it works on clearing negative energies in cells and around cellular DNA. These energies may be an underlying cause of poor cellular function. This elixir instructs the body to reprogram cellular and DNA energies to support health and well-being. It also transmits instructions that stimulate healthy reproduction of cells.

As a whole, the supplements suggested here form the basis for a program to heal and reverse the effects of lupus on your body.

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