Dealing With Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease

Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease is found worldwide and affects all races of people although studies suggest that whites are most likely to be affected. People of all ages may develop UCTD although in mainly occurs in middle age and women are affected about ten times more

Symptoms of UCTD

The most common signs and symptoms of UCTD include arthritis, arthralgias (severe joint pain), Raynaud’s phenomenon, eye dryness (sicca syndrome), pleuritis/pericarditis (inflammation of the lining tissue around the heart or lungs), peripheral neuropathy, vasculitis, fever, weight loss, fatigue, mucocutaneous manifestations, cutaneous (skin) involvement including malar rash, hives, skin tightening and alopecia (hair loss), respiratory symptoms, urethral discharge, muscle weakness, myositis, rash, and leukopenia (low white blood cell count) but with no neurological symptoms or kidney problems.

About 80 percent of patients with UCTD have only one auto antibody, usually anti-Ro or anti-RNP.

In some cases, patients who are initially diagnosed with Raynaud’s phenomenon alone go on to develop undifferentiated connective tissue disease.

Many people diagnosed with undifferentiated connective disease have a specific autoimmune disorder such as SLE within the first year from diagnosis. This is where the body is sending out the immune system to attack the connective tissue. Usually, there is a pathogen responsible for the initial attack which can not be reached with traditional treatments. The immune system gets imbalanced in it's continued attempts to get to the pathogen in the connective tissues and the symptoms arise.

In one five-year study of patients newly diagnosed with SLE, most whose UCTD differentiated into a specific disorder developed Sjogren’s syndrome, followed by SLE, mixed connective tissue disease, systemic vasculitis, progressive systemic sclerosis, and poymyositis/dermatomyositis. Overall, most patients with UCTD who develop a specific connective tissue disease do so within the first two years following the initial diagnosis.

However, in this and other studies, about 10 percent of newly diagnosed patients experience complete remission within one year. Within the first five years following diagnosis, about 65 percent of patients experience a reduction in symptoms, develop new symptoms, or continue to manifest the same signs and symptoms of UCTD indefinitely.


UCTD is diagnosed in people with symptoms of an autoimmune condition or, connective tissue disease who do not seem to have any other known disorders.


Treatments for UCTD vary and depend on the type and the severity of the symptoms and how long the person has been ill. Common treatments include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, immunosuppressive agents, calcium channel blockers, and cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors.

Since UCTD is basically an autoimmune issue, an alternative treatment to kill the pathogen causing the immune system flareup can be found thru an online supplement store called Get Healthy Again.

The protocol that this company suggests trying is found here:

Suggested Products - 1 month supply -

1. Small pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma) invade cells. This stimulates an inflammatory, autoimmune response by the immune system. These pathogens enter the body through a leaky gut that is caused by Candida overgrowth.

The most valuable supplement for killing pathogens, including Candida, while also reducing inflammation and to some extent healing the leaky gut is Alka Super C.

Very gradually work up to using a 2 bottle a month dose, for an adult, of Alka Super C.

In this liquid supplement, a very small amount of vitamin C is bonded to specially processed OH water molecules. This combination enables Alka Super C to release massive amounts of electrons into cells. This significantly boosts the health of cells, increasing their voltage. This action greatly stimulates repair and regeneration of organs and cells.

The electrons also zap and kill pathogens including candida, And they eliminate toxins too. They will help repair the walls of the blood vessels, increasing arterial flexibility and reducing inflammation. Ordinary vitamin C supplements do not work in the same way that this does so the vitamin C supplement you may take does not substitute for Alka Super C. Only the name is similar….

Alka Super C has three main actions that make it the most important supplement for UCTD.

A. Alka Super C does a great job of killing pathogens. It will gradually eliminate the pathogens in cells that stimulated, and are stimulating, the autoimmune response against your body. In addition, these electrons zap and kill Candida and Candida spores so that over the course of a year Candida will be eliminated. And the leaky gut thus will be able to heal.

B. Autoimmune diseases are inflammatory. It is inflammation that has damaged and continues to damage the cells in your body. Alka Super C is highly anti-inflammatory. It's base of OH water binds with acids and removes them from the body. The allows for more oxygen to get into the area where the acids have been removed. This action greatly reduces inflammation. The extra oxygen also stimulates repair and healing.

C. Alka Super C will stimulate a gradual repair of the body, including the leak gut. Over time, this will occur to as great an extent as possible. The highly charged electrons Alka Super C releases in cells gives cells extra energy to repair and regenerate.

2. The immune system becomes hyper-stimulated, causing inflammatory damage to cells. This is going on when your fibromyalgia is flaring up. While Alka Super C reduces inflammation in the body, it does not specifically modulate the immune system response. The very best way to do this, so good in fact some doctors say it alone is the cure for autoimmune diseases, is to take high dose vitamin D along with vitamin K. We suggested here an added elixir that increases effectiveness greatly.

2 bottles per month Vitamin D Activator along with High Dose Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 MK-7

Again, there have been several doctors who have been using successfully very high dose vitamin D to reverse and cure autoimmune diseases. As UCTD is an autoimmune disease, it makes sense to include it in this protocol.

Vitamin D Activator is a special frequency enhanced elixir that improves the actions of vitamins D3 and K. This elixir turns on production of vitamin D and vitamin K transport proteins to high optimal levels. These transport proteins transport vitamin D and vitamin K throughout the body, wherever they need to go, and help carry them into cells. Almost everyone is low in these transport proteins. The genes that turn on their production become damaged by toxins. In this high dose protocol, you need additional transport proteins to handle the increase amount of D and K in the body.

High dose vitamin D has been used by MDs and other health professionals for reversing autoimmune diseases, reducing inflammation, preventing and fighting cancer, colds, flu and other infections, for cardiovascular health and more. High dose vitamin D3 is about 35% more effective when taking Vitamin D Activator. With increased levels of vitamin D, more D transport proteins are needed to carry vitamin D where it needs to go. This elixir does not supply vitamin D or vitamin K. It turns on production of the transport proteins needed to carry vitamin D into cells. Plus it stimulates the body to repair vitamin D and vitamin K receptor sites so that vitamin K and vitamin D can get into cells more efficiently.

The amount of vitamin D that is optimal to use in a high dose protocol, though even higher doses have been recommended, is this. Take 30,000 IU a day of vitamin D3 ongoing. If you get a well absorbed, emulsified, Vitamin D Mulsion Forte, 15 drops is 30,000 IU. There are 750 drops, 2000 IU per drop, in a bottle so a bottle lasts 6 weeks or so.

Vitamin D greatly increases absorption of calcium. Vitamin D toxicity is caused by excess calcium in the blood because of this increased absorption. To prevent this, you need to take vitamin K with high dose vitamin D. Vitamin K will move calcium from the blood to the bones. This prevents a buildup of calcium in the blood, and helps your bones become stronger. It enables you to take high dose vitamin D3 with no problems. The blood levels of D that these practitioners suggest is optimal for reversing autoimmune disease is in the 150 to 200 range, about double the normal high range. There is no toxicity because high dose vitamin K is used along with the D.

Because there are several types of vitamin K that have different functions, what to use is a little more complicated. Vitamin K1 can be converted in the body to vitamin K2, but it also improves blood clotting while K2 does not.

So if on blood thinners, where you don’t want the blood to clot better, just use vitamin K2. The MK-7 version is the most active for moving calcium to the bones. Energetically testing optimal, and in line with other recommendations, is to take 400 mcg of MK-7 K2 a day. This is a much higher dose than normal, but with more D in the body, it is needed.

If you have calcification in the joints or arteries, or breasts, kidneys, if you are diabetic which tends to cause calcification of the arteries and kidneys, or if you have stones or bone spurs, use even a higher dose to eventually remove that buildup of calcium from where you don’t want it. Use 800 mcg of MK-7 K2 a day till all the calcification is gone. Then drop to 400 mcg a day as long as you are on a high dose D3 regime. (High dose D and K has so many benefits, in my opinion it is worthwhile to be on forever.)

If you aren’t on blood thinners, vitamin K1 tests more optimal to use. It is much less expensive too. Your body converts K1 into K2 as needed. There are 15 types of K2, not just the MK-4 or the MK-7 that are sold for K2 supplementation. They all have a purpose in the body. Use 3000 mcg a day of K1 when on high dose D3. This is less inexpensive than K2. If using the Vitamin K Emulsified, 1 drop is 500 mcg of K1, so use 6 drops a day. With 750 drops per bottle, a bottle would last 4 months.

This high dose vitamin D protocol is great for healing the leaky gut. Especially when used with Alka Super C. Because it takes a number of months to gradually increase the levels of vitamin D in your body, you generally can start at full dose, or close to it.

2 bottles per month Ronuv - Use for 3 months.

Ronuv is a low deuterium water, reduced to 25 parts per million of deuterium, that has been frequency enhanced with numerous subtle vibrational energies to supercharge it's benefits. When used in small amounts, Ronuv stimulates the release of deuterium by the cells in your body.

Cells that are not producing most of their energy aerobically will have accumulated more deuterium and release more deuterium. The deuterium interacts with water molecules and creates oxygen at the surface of the cells. Viruses and other pathogens may also be attracted to Ronuv low deuterium water, and would be damaged by the oxygen that is created by the deuterium that is also attracted to it.

Ingredients: Frequency enhanced low deuterium water 25 ppm. potentized with a proprietary blend of the following elixirs: Azovin, Corvix, Cosmic Elixir, Custom Elixir OXY, Custom Elixir pH, Custom Elixir VPM, InLightEner Elixir, Klivina Trem, Q DNA, Q ENC, Q ISC, Q RME, Quantum X, Quanzor, Rainbow Elixir, Siva Elixir, Surozyme, and Zernix.

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