ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy)

Adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD, is a genetically determined neurological disorder that affects 1 in every 17,900 boys worldwide. Symptoms occur somewhere between the ages of 4 and 10, and affect the brain with demyelination.

Demyelination is the stripping away of the fatty coating that keeps nerve pulses confined and maintains the integrity of nerve signals. This process inhibits the nerves ability to conduct properly, causing neurological deficits, including visual and auditory disturbances, impaired coordination, dementia and seizures. Demyelination is an inflammatory response and nerve cells throughout the brain are destroyed.

Symptoms are often mistaken for attention deficit disorder before serious neurological issues become obvious. The symptoms progress rapidly and lead to a vegetative state within two years and death anytime thereafter.

The technology used to make the frequency enhanced water elixir ALDYS, can tell the body to take actions that will help the body deal with ALD.

As the culprit in ALD is overproduction of very long chain fatty acids, ALDYS elixir was created to instruct the body to reduce production of these fatty acids.

Further instructions tell the body to prevent destruction of the myelin sheath, as well as to accelerate repair thereof, as excess very long chain fatty acids destroy this important neuron insulator.

There are other supplements that accelerate repair of the damage caused by ALD. The first 4 are the most vital to use, with 5 others important to do -- but not quite as vital. They are as follows:

4 bottles a month  ALDYS 

6 containers a month  Fulvitea   to be taken on an empty stomach.  The predigested collagen (and other regenerative ingredients) this provides will be used by the body to repair the myelin sheath, the adrenal glands and anything else that needs rebuilding. This very high dose is needed to repair the myelin sheath as fast as possible.

4 bottles a month  YouthVital!    This elixir turns on production of growth hormones, and facilitates their release into the bloodstream. Growth hormone is need to tell the body to turn on the healing process. The higher the levels, the faster repair can happen.

6 bottles a month P-A-L plus Digestive Enzymes   to be taken on an empty stomach. This would be 8 capsules 3 times a day, separately from Fulvitea. These enzymes will digest excess fatty acids in the bloodstream.

The above products are the most vital to use. Listed below (in order of importance) are several products that are quite important (though less vital) to use.

3 bottles a month OCMP  Capsules to be taken with meals.  These get more nutrients into cells, get more toxins out, are anti-inflammatory. Designed to speed up repair of cells, and also help to detoxify them while at the same time reducing inflammation.

6 tablespoons a day Collagen powder, such as unflavored gelatin from the grocery store or a collagen powder from the health food store.  

This will provide additional building blocks for repairing the myelin sheath.

4 bottles a month  Tyovu   This elixir tells the body to optimize adrenal function. Thyroid too, but it is adrenal repair and function that it is needed for here.

4 bottles a month  UltraCeps 

This Cordyceps mushroom formula will (among other benefits) improve adrenal function.

It may take a couple of months of use to begin noticing results, and a number of these products may have to be taken long term, due to the genetic nature of this illness.

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Good Luck and Good Health!

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