Improving Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism has a number of causes, as you will read here. You can improve the life of your child, and even reverse autism, by correcting these causes.

There are a number of reasons why children develop Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASD. Genetics may play a part. But the vast majority of the causes are not genetic, which means you can do something about them.

As a consequence, autism is preventable — and to a large extent, may even be reversible to some degree. Correcting the underlying causes of your child’s ASD will produce significant improvement in your child, Every time.

Proceed at a pace your child can handle, so as not to overwhelm him and you will see improvement — usually a great deal of improvement.

If you would like to be supported in your journey to heal your child by someone who knows how to succeed at this, and can help you do so. we suggest that you work with Karen Thomas. She is a therapist who reversed her own child's autism and now she is teaching others. She teaches you what you need to work on, and what to do first. Click here to learn more about her program.


"My name is Alice and I am a member of Karen's autism program. I emailed you about 4 months ago about my son, Aaron who is 6 years old and you sent me a list of elixirs I needed to use to help him. Currently, I am using the following elixirs: Metabolic Energy boost, Sattuv, Liver Detox Pathway, CandXpel, Toxin Eliminator Elixir, Vagus Signaling Control, Viral Control, MMV elixir, Stress Reducer, Sensory Overload, Optimal C, PPA Reduction Elixir, and Memory Recovery elixir.

"He is currently more calm than he was when I first wrote to you. His language is getting better but he still repeats what he hears. He is not as constipated as before and the gas/bloating has gone down. He still has sensory processing issues and OCD behavior…"

"I wanted to thank you for your reading. I ordered the entire list and we started giving them to our son beginning of June. (1 month earlier) The latest elixir given is Optimal C.

"Our son is now having real conversations with his younger brother and other children. He is more affectionate with us. He still gets  emotional, but fingers crossed that will improve once all the elixirs are at full dose."     Suzy T.

"The elixirs are wonderful. I think the Sattuv is working. He counted 1-10 very clearly today." Chai H. L.

"I am really happy with the initial results  my daughter has achieved from taking your elixirs and I can't wait to see how much more she can achieve through these elixirs..She had 6 more elixirs to take...and yehey.. I have them all already. 

"You know, it has been 5 days only since she started taking these elixirs, and I am happy to tell you that she is more at peace with herself, except for her sleeping issues which I believe will soon be addressed by the restful sleep elixir. I am giving her liver life also and it really helps, i think. You know that peaceful kind of feeling when you know that your child is at peace with her self, no feeling of pain or anxiety...that kind of feeling that we long to cherish...I think we are beginning to have a taste of that...WOW! Praise God!” Luz G.  

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am now able to see my grandson’s knee caps. Lumps are disappearing!!! He is in a very happy state!! He is taking Vital Cell Reset Morphic Field Elixir, Sattuv, Toxin Elimination, Memory Recovery, and C & P Removal Elixir. I am still introducing the last bottle of supplements to him slowly - Memory Recovery.

C & P supplement took a long time - he had quite a reaction, but all is well now. I will be purchasing a couple more of the recommended elixirs.
Blessings!"   Denise D.

We have been on the Karen's program 5 months now and the thirteen Elixirs about 4 months in. My 1 year and 9 months old son has made significant progress. Sarah M.


"Well after Gavin being on his elixers for the past few months we’ve seen noticeable changes in his behaviour! He’s more calm than before and his speech has dramatically improved. Most of the other things have improved a bit. His picky eating is very gradually getting better as his gut seems to be healing. He’s much less aggressive as well and he’s even playing more like neurotypical kids his age. Social skills are still mostly the same. His echolalia and stimming have gone down quite a bit as well. 

We’re almost out of youth vital and sattuv so I figured I’d email you now. He’s 5 years old now too so will that change the dosing? I just want to say how happy we are with the progress he’s made and I know it’s mostly due in large part to the elixers! 

Thank you so much :)

Tammy R.


“The new elixirs you prescribed were fantastic.
His candida symptoms seems to be under control with the Pentose elixir and C&P removal.
It has been three months and now I am totally out of the elixirs by end of this month….

We finished the following elixirs:
Vital Cell Reset
Morphic Field
Pentose Phosphate Pathway.

The below elixirs have a little left:
C & P Removal
Stress Reducer
Memory Recovery
Youth Vital
Toxin Elimination
You mentioned about the Fatty Acid Transport Elixir which I didn’t managed to order last round. Should I add on this elixir for coming orders? (yes she should)
….. I am very very thankful for all your kind test for my son and that the elixirs have helped him to make lots of progress.
Kindly help me test him for what is vital for him currently.
Progress since taking elixirs:
-Awareness to surrounding and increased understanding
-reflex integration and improved muscle tone
-improve sleep and gut issues”
Chai H. L.

"Mitchell seems to have made a little transition.....

Really accepting of things and somewhat normal.

Communication has been wonderful!

Regular bowel MOVEMENTS are my prayer. I feel like he holds it in!!

Thank you so much"
Lori A.



Get a free long distance energetic reading for your child. All the mothers in the testimonies above had that reading done and were using the elixirs and doses recommended by this long distance muscle testing. It will tell you what the best and most useful remedies for your child would be. All you have to do is....

E-mail GHA Customer Support and ask for your child to be tested. Include general details about your child's symptoms, name and age.
We are happy to help out and support you in the use of these supplements.

The Underlying Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder

There is no single underlying cause of autism so, even if your child started to develop symptoms after a vaccination, it is a combination of causes that lead to the development of autism. The worse the causes, the worse the ASD.

The development of an autism starts, most of the time, with your child having a chronic infection. often Candida overgrowth. But it could be a Lyme’s infection, multiple viral infections, mycoplasma or bacterial infections.

The vast majority of the time, Candida overgrowth is the primary infection and almost all children with autism will have Candida overgrowth to the extent that it is causing problems.

Candida is a yeast that is supposed to exist in small amounts among much greater amounts of friendly bacteria in the intestinal flora.

Unfortunately, in this age of antibiotics, medications, chlorinated water and chemicals in our food, all of which destroy the friendly bacteria while leaving the Candida yeast intact, Candida overgrows in the intestinal tract, filling up the space left by the friendly bacteria that have died.

Candida overgrows rapidly into this space because our usual sugar and refined carbohydrate filled diet is just what the Candida yeast love to eat. Fast food for you, fast food for Candida.

Candida overgrowth can actually become worse during pregnancy because Candida eats progesterone, levels of which elevate during pregnancy.

You can read more about Candida overgrowth and what you as an adult can do to get rid of it here:

During birth, when the baby travels down the birth canal, it's gets "inoculated" with good bacteria from the mother -- a crucial step in building the child's ecosystem and intestinal flora. Unfortunately, many mothers, in this day and age, have Candida overgrowth, thanks to decades of antibiotic overuse so, instead of the baby being inoculated with healthy bacteria, the baby picks it up this Candida yeast instead during the birth process. At this stage, the infant has no defenses against it.

With C sections, the baby also does not pick up the friendly bacteria it needs (from going down the birth canal). If the mother as Candida overgrowth, the infant will be exposed to it, and be infected by it, through nursing, sharing food, kisses, etc. Again setting up the infant with a battle against Candida overgrowth.

Three Ways Candida Overgrowth Leads to Autism

1. Candida fungi produce and release toxins. Heavy duty toxins — including the same toxins you get from alcohol. These toxins inevitably overload the detoxification systems in the liver and in cells as the Candida are producing and releasing toxins every day, without letup.

By doing so, they cause serious damage to these detoxification systems. It happens something like this.

The liver uses a 3 phase process to remove toxins from the body. In Phase 1, toxins are pulled from the blood and changed by enzymatic action to a form where they can then be handled by the Phase 2 detoxification pathways.

This Phase 1 action is necessary, but it makes toxins a little more dangerous for a time. Some become more powerful free radicals, others, become worse carcinogens or mutagens, causing cancer or mutations.

This change is not a problem when the Phase 2 enzymes are able to do their job and grab hold of these toxins so that they can be removed from the body. Which happens when Phase 3 proteins transport them out through the bowels or kidneys.

But these Phase 2 enzymes get damaged by or used up by long lasting Candida toxin exposure.

When this happens, all of the toxins cannot be effectively eliminated. So they build up in the child’s liver and intestines.

This happens every time there is Candida overgrowth.

To make matters worse, the mutagen toxins produced by the Phase 1 action, can damage DNA by causing mutations that control the production of the enzymes used in the Phase 2 detoxification pathways. These mutations prevent adequate production of Phase 2 enzymes; proteins such as glutathione and set the child up for lifelong inability to detoxify adequately.

The Phase 1 detoxification process has made these toxins more available to be transported into cells. Liver cells and via the blood, cells anywhere in the body, including the brain.

Since the body stores toxins in fat cells if it can’t get rid of them, and as the brain is composed largely of fat cells, many of these toxins can end up in the brain.

These toxins will disrupt the function of cells. Worse still, they may cause inflammation and even an auto-immune attack on cells as the immune system will eventually use an inflammatory response to try and deal with the toxins.

2. The immune system becomes worn out and ineffective because it is continually fighting the Candida infection and dealing with their toxins. This allows other infections to develop. Viral infections, parasites, mycoplasma, bacteria infections all of which continue overloading the detoxification system with toxins.

3. Candida overgrowth typically starts out in the intestinal tract when there is not enough friendly bacteria to keep it in check. When it overgrows, it drills holes, so to speak, in the intestinal wall and moves out into the rest of the body. This is bad enough. What’s worse is....

These holes create a leaky gut where partially digested foods enter the bloodstream before they should.

These partially digested foods must be dealt with by the immune system because cells can not use them as food. Eventually this causes food sensitivities and allergies as the immune system develops a reaction to these foods.

As a result of the action of the Candida overgrowth issue, the child ends up with very poor digestion. When this happens, not enough protein is available to make the metabolic enzymes in the body. This includes the enzymes needed in the Phase 2 detox pathways.

All of this sets the stage for ASD to develop.

Inability To Eliminate Toxins Sets Up Development Of Autism

What happens when children receive a massive overload of toxins from vaccinations or exposure to pesticides and herbicides for example?

Children who do not suffer from Candida overgrowth, or some similar issue like a Lyme’s infection, whose detoxification system is thus working reasonably well, are able to eliminate these toxins without too much damage to their body. If the overload is not so much that their Phase 2 detoxification pathways become damaged, they will be okay.

But children whose detoxification pathways are already damaged to such as extent that they cannot properly detoxify, have problems. They cannot eliminate those toxins. Maybe they can handle a few exposures, but at some point the breakdown happens and these toxins build up in the body and the brain.

Here, they disrupt brain function, along with causing many other health issues. Inflammation develops as the immune system try to deal with these toxins. Other infections develop as the weakened immune system cannot knock out viruses and other pathogens it is exposed to.

Depending on what is effected and how much, autism can develop.

This is the big picture of what is happening. It is possible to look at the details and pick out a lot of details. Nutrient deficiencies, genetic mutations, and more. (Of course, it may be the toxins that caused many of those genetic mutation.)

The 3 Fundamental Steps To Improve Autism Spectrum Disorders

At it’s most basic level, the conditions that led to the development of autism must be reversed. The candida and other infections must be eliminated or at the very least, greatly reduced.  Toxins must be removed. The detoxification system must be repaired.

And then repair and regeneration of the brain and body must be stimulated. Certain parts of the brain are supposed to develop at certain times, and toxins have interfered with this development. And it is much more difficult later on to get the development that is needed. So ways to turn on this growth and repair must be incorporated into an overall repair regime.

These three steps can be used together, right from the start. But there are some issues to consider first.

The fundamental causes of autism are a chronic infection, usually candida, but could be Lyme’s or a viral infection. These overload the liver so that it can’t eliminate the toxins from the candida, and they build up in the body.

At this point the liver also is unable to detoxify major overexposure to other toxins. This could overexposure is often an event like a vaccination or series of vaccinations, or being exposed to mosquito spraying.

The combination of candida or some other infection, often from birth, and toxin overexposure sets up the development of autism.

But we don’t necessarily suggest starting with anti candida, anti viral supplements, or powerful detoxification supplements unless you are only getting a few elixirs. In this case definitely start with CandXpel which works on all pathogens, Toxin Elimination Elixir which send toxins out through the skin to very efficiently remove them, and Memory Recovery Elixir to work on healing the brain. These are basics.

If you get a larger group of supplements or elixirs to deal with specific symptoms and issues too, while these three may be started with if you have already worked on detoxification and have improved the function of the liver, you do not necessarily want to start out with anti-candida or anti-pathogen products or even strong detoxification supplements.

Starting with these could cause some sort of healing crisis as candida releases toxins when they die, and cells release even more toxins when you detoxify what is in the blood.

In a body unable to detoxify well, because the detoxification process has been damaged and the liver cannot send toxins out of the body, anything causing the release of toxins can be iffy. Even if your child can handle it for a few days or a few weeks, at some point the toxins can build up and excess toxin symptoms develop.

So go very slow with introducing some of the top remedies that deal with these underlying causes, pathogen fighters such as CandXpel, Viral Control Elixir, and PPA Reduction Elixir, and powerful detoxification supplements like Toxin Elimination Elixir, Liver Detox Pathways Elixir, Glutathione Force, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ, or MPR to deal with any methylation issues.

In our investigations, the suggestions below have a strong history of helping all children or adults improve, usually the improvement is very significant.

Many of these suggestions are a unique frequency enhanced water elixir or remedy.

The base of each elixir is the same: Structured water and a tiny amount of organic orange and rosemary essential oils. The water holds the energetic vibration frequencies of sets of instructions which are then communicated to the body when you take small amounts of them.

Each remedy carries a different set of instructions in the form of vibrational frequencies. As does homeopathy, which has hundreds of different remedies, the base of each elixir is the same. The essential oils in them help the energetic frequencies to be transferred more efficiently to your body.

A unique technology uses a number of proprietary energizing components to energize the elixirs. It amplifies the very subtle energies of written instructions so that the water in the elixir bottles picks up and holds these frequencies in its "memory". Just like homeopathy does.

When you take a particular elixir, the frequencies of the instructions in it are vibrating in that water. These frequency instructions are picked up by the water and cells in your body. Cells are capable of and do follow those instructions because cells communicate via frequencies such as light, all the time.

This technology has allowed the creation of elixirs that are able to work in ways nothing else can. And are creating remarkable success.

Step One — Dealing with Candida and Other Pathogens

A major concern when dealing with candida overgrowth, or other pathogens for that matter, is that candida, when killed, release toxins, and when the body is already not adequately handling toxins, which is the case with everyone on the autism spectrum, these additional toxins cause numerous die-off symptoms.

Even when you can deal with candida without killing the fungi, as CandXpel does, cells start releasing toxins that were stuck in them when levels of candida are reduced, so you must start at very low doses to avoid this toxin influx.


It is highly likely that almost every supplement has value for your child, and would be good to use. From the many long distance energetic tests selecting what is most beneficial, most vital to use, CandXpel is the best as it works on both candida overgrowth and all other pathogens including viruses.


For infants up to adults, the best results for dealing with candida and other pathogens comes from using....


This elixir uses another novel approach to accelerating the removal of candida, viruses, mycoplasma, bad bacteria, and parasites from the body. It both tells the immune system components to remove candida and bacteria, and it also activates the lymph system components to grab hold of all pathogens and any fungal spores.

The lymph system then takes them to the skin or to the colon wall, and pushes them through the skin or colon wall to be eliminated via the skin or through bowel movements.

CandXpel has been working spectacularly well, and a similar process to remove toxins by having the lymph system carry them to the skin and colon wall with the Toxin Elimination Elixir is also producing excellent feedback.

Removing pathogens in this manner speeds up pathogen elimination while at the same time it does not overload the immune system or detoxification system dealing with dead pathogens

Herbs, enzymes, all your typical Candida fighters, cannot harm these spores, making candida impossible to eliminate unless using a product designed to deal with the spores, such as CandXpel.

Moms: You should check to see if you have Candida overgrowth. If you do, you need to deal with it or else you’ll keep reinfecting your children. Work up to using 2 bottles a month of CandXpel or CandElim.


Elixir Dosing

Work into using a full dose slowly. With younger children, always start using just 1 drop a day. The elixirs can be taken together.

Determine the full dose to work up to by using your child's age. A 1 year old would use just 1 drop twice a day, a 3 year old would use 3 drops twice a day at full dose, a 7 year old would use 7 drops twice a day at full dose, and so on. This applies to all the elixirs mentioned in this report. A few you can start out at full dose. Maximum dose for older teenagers and adults can be 2 bottles a month. A bottle supplies 15 drops twice a day for a month so with young children a bottle will last many months.

The other basic for dealing with Candida is getting the intestinal flora back in good shape so that the Candida can be kept in check in the intestines. Otherwise it will regrow and again spread throughout the body.

Children up to the age of six and children who are sensitive to the effects of probiotics should use an elixir called...

Biotic Boost — Optimizing Intestinal Bacteria Function

The instructions in Biotic Boost tell the friendly bacteria and other friendly flora in the gut to work together better, to colonize better, to deal with candida and bad bacteria overgrowth more effectively.

These instructions have a powerful action, especially for young children who cannot use any probiotics. This can also be used to amplify the effects of whatever probiotics or fermented foods you are already using. They will work better.

I've heard stories where even a drop a day made a big improvement in digestive health in an infant, quickly. Use in the same quantities as with CandXpel which is a very low dosage so a bottle often lasts months, depending on the age of your child.

Children six years old and above can use the probiotic....

TotalFlora15 — A Probiotic Designed To Fight Candida

TotalFlora15 has a combination of friendly bacteria and other nutrients that help these bacteria flourish better than other probiotics when used in adverse conditions such as when there is bacterial or candida overgrowth. Use it to increase the amount of friendly intestinal flora so that they can effectively battle these pathogens.

It is the best probiotic we have tested for candida, and we have tested many. In addition to its ingredients, it has been energized with the same energies that are in Biotic Boost.

(If you are already using a probiotic or fermented foods, Biotic Boost can be used to supercharge what you are using.)

Start with just a quarter capsule or less for a young child and gradually increase to a capsule a day. A full grown child can start at as much as a capsule a day and work up to as much as 4 capsules a day.


Parasite Elixir — Kill Parasites In All Stages Of Growth

The elixir kills candida and parasites. It supplies energies that can disrupt and kill all the parasites in the body, including candida and other fungi, which technically are parasites.

These energies work to disrupt and kill adult parasites as well as their eggs, cysts and larvae. Otherwise they will continue to multiply. Parasitic infections are common when there is Candida overgrowth.


PPA Reduction Elixir — Reduce Propionic Acid

PPA stands for propionic acid which is a mild organic acid produced by Clostridia, Desulfovibrio, and Bacteroidetes spore forming bacteria in the guts. Being spore forming bacteria, they are not killed by most antibiotics, so they multiply and spread with antibiotic use.

These bacteria produce PPA, which is mildly anti-fungal. So they are also capable of thriving even when candida overgrows. Candida is stronger than most bacteria in the gut, and can destroy colonies of bacteria weakened by antibiotics. But they leave these propionic producing bacteria alone, allowing them to continue to multiply and spread.

Autism researcher Derrick MacFabe MD., reports that these bacteria are over-expressed in patients with ASDs. Meaning there are many more of them then there should be. And making them, he feels, an environmental trigger for ASDs.

The body is supposed to have small amounts of PPA. This overgrowth of the propionic producing bacteria though, causes an overload of PPA in the body.

In his research with mice, Dr. MacFabe observed that increasing PPA to high levels in mice caused many of the same symptoms he was observing in patients with autism spectrum disorders.
This included abnormal motor movements, repetitive movements, repetitive interests, decrease in brain function, cognitive deficits, immune system dysfunction and impaired social interactions.
The brain tissue of PPA-treated mice shows neuro-inflammation, increased oxidative stress, glutathione depletion, and altered phospholipid profiles. Inflammation of the brain is a major issue in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

These issues contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction and these symptoms.

The instructions in PPA Reduction Elixir tell the body to eliminate excess PPA and excess amounts of other short chain fatty acids produced by these bacteria.

Energetic frequencies in it disrupt and kill PPA producing bacteria. Additional instructions stimulate repair of the damage that PPA caused in the body.

The PPA Reduction Elixir is one of the more important elixirs for children with autism. Your child is highly likely to have this issue.


Virus elimination starts with CandXpel, and if your child has extensive viral infections also add in....

Viral Control Elixir — Stopping Viral Replication

This elixir tackles viral infections in several unique ways. First. Researchers have found that the STAT1 protein does an extraordinary job of preventing viral replication. This protein destroys the 3C protease enzyme that viruses use to replicate.

Instructions in Viral Control Elixir increase production of the STAT1 protein, and decrease production of the 3C protease enzyme. Because of this action, viral replication is greatly reduced and the body is able to eliminate the infections.

In addition, its energetic frequencies drive viruses out of cells so that they can be exposed to the immune system and anti-viral supplements. When they are hiding in cells they are protected. Once out of the cell, they are not.

It also is activates the immune system to not only to kill viruses, but to grab hold of them, and carry them out of the body. These actions are designed to enable even chronic viral infections like herpes viruses and viruses from vaccines that hide in cells to be gradually eliminated over the course of six months.

There are no other supplements that come close to doing anything similar to the actions Viral Control Elixir turns on in the body. It is unique in its ability to target chronic viral infections.


Step 2 — Reduce Toxic Overload and Repair The Detoxification System

The most important or valuable supplement we have tested for detoxifying the body, especially for children, but literally for anyone, is the new....

Toxin Elimination Elixir

This elixir, just as CandXpel does, activates a process in the body where the lymph system picks up all toxins, including the hard to deal with fat soluble toxins, and takes them to the large intestine or the skin to be eliminated.

The beauty of Toxin Elimination Elixir is that this process bypasses an overloaded and poorly functioning liver, and significantly speeds up the removal of toxins from the body.

When your child is suffering from autism, it is a clear sign that his liver has not been able to eliminate toxins as they are brought to the liver. Most likely, as you will read in a minute, the liver detoxification pathways have been damaged, or used up, and the liver is not able to process toxins to remove them from the body.

Toxin Elimination Elixir enables your child to get rid of toxins that have been stuck in his body. Slowly, gradually, and effectively.

It is the most important detoxification supplement to use when the body is overloaded with toxins as it enables your body to eliminate toxins even though a poorly functioning liver is failing to do so.


Next, your child also needs help repairing the detoxify detoxification pathways so that the liver and cells can start to more effectively eliminate toxins.

Three frequency enhanced water elixirs deliver instructions to the body turning on the repair of the detoxification pathways. They are....

Liver Detox Pathways Elixir

This elixir is arguably the most important of these three elixirs as it focuses on all the detoxification pathways in the liver.

The instructions in this elixir optimize the function of the detox pathways in the liver. It starts by either up regulating or down regulating the Phase 1 detox pathways that pull toxins from the blood so they can be processed by the liver. Usually down regulation is needed.

If more toxins are removed by the Phase 1 pathways than the Phase 2 detox pathways can detoxify, those toxins that cannot be process by the liver can damage the liver, and eventually cells throughout your body as they recirculate to them.

This happens often if the liver has been dealing with an overload of toxins from candida for years. These toxins both use up the enzymes in the liver that form the detox pathways, and also damage the genes that instruct the liver to make these enzymes.

If these detoxification pathways aren’t working, toxins can’t be removed by the body, and they get recycled back into your cells.

Worse still, as part of the process of making the toxins available to be handled by the Phase 2 pathways, when the toxins are processed in Phase 1, they are made more bioavailable, and are thus more harmful to your cells.

So repairing the various Phase 2 detox pathways is a necessity. Otherwise toxins will continue to build up in the body and your child will become more ill and sensitive to chemicals over time.

The Liver Detox Pathways Elixir tells the liver to make the necessary amount of enzymes to handle the toxins that need to be processed. It also stimulates repair of the DNA in genes so that the genes will start functioning better and can turn on this production too.

MPR Elixir — Methylation Pathway Repair

Mutations in methylation pathway genes have become a big issue and topic of discussion in ASDs. These mutations certainly set up an inability to handle toxins in the body.

If your child has this genetic defect, the MPR Elixir is what you need.

It tells the body to repair the all important methylation pathways in cells and in the liver. This includes turning on production to optimal levels of the enzymes needed for this pathway.

Instructions also tell the body to repair at much as possible, the DNA mutations so that the body will eventually be able to start making its own methylation enzymes without needing this elixir.


Glutathione is the main detoxification enzyme in livers and in cells. Used in the right form, it is a powerful toxin neutralizer.

Glutathione Force — Detoxify Chemicals From Brain

This is a liposomal glutathione supplement that not only gets glutathione into cells, but it also carries in CoQ10 and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, and many other cell nutrients including astragalas, D-Ribose, B1, B2, Niacin, Panthothenic acid, B12 and folic acid. Glutathione is the main toxin neutralizer in the body. It is an enzyme produced by one of the detoxification pathways in the liver and cells.

One of the fastest ways to reduce the toxic overload in the brain is to take a liposomal glutathione that delivers the glutathione directly into cells. Otherwise, glutathione supplements do not get into cells. Liposomal glutathione does because it is hidden inside fat molecules such as phosphocholine which the cells gobble up.

Over the past decade we have heard many reports of significant improvement in Autism Spectrum Disorders where this has been used. Many times quite rapidly.

Regular glutathione supplements or even injections do not get glutathione into cell in an efficient manner. The glutathione is broken down by digestion and also the liver. NAC or better still, an un-denatured whey protein like Active Whey with it’s increased amount of cysteine will help increase glutathione production, but the very best results will always come from liposomal glutathione.

You will need to start at a low dose and very gradually increase dosages so as not to detoxify too fast. Too rapid a detoxification process releases too many toxins and causes too rapid a change, either of which can be stressful to a child or adult, resulting in an increase of behaviors.

An infant may start with as little as 1 spray a day, working up to 1 spray twice a day. While an older child could start with 1 or 2 sprays twice a day, working up to their age two times a day. A bottle supplies about 20 sprays a day for a month.


Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ — Removing Heavy Metals

Zeolite is an excellent heavy metal remover, especially good for mercury. It is a volcanic mineral that is attracted to heavy metals and to a lesser degree other toxins.

It traps them in its molecular structure and carries them out of the body without the liver having to handle them. It doesn’t get into cells so only traps the heavy metals outside cells.

As it removes these metals, the cells will notice that there are less heavy metals and release some of the metals trapped inside them. This is good, but it does mean that you have to start at a low dose also with the zeolite.

Zeolite is also valuable for helping to deal with viruses. It will trap viral particles in its structure, thus helping to stop viral replication.

We prefer a liquid zeolite because it will get better absorbed and distributed throughout the body and into the brain. Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ by GHA Naturals (there is a copy cat liquid zeolite out there not near as good) has additional ingredients and energetic frequencies that are designed to enhance its ability to get deep into the body. This is why it is our recommended zeolite supplement. The zeolite in it has been processed to have a clean cage, with no toxins already trapped in the molecular structure.

An infant would start with just 1 spray a day, working up to 1 spray 3 times a day. An adult would start with 2 sprays once a day, and work up to 7 sprays twice a day, a bottle a month dosage.

Custom Elixir LS — Support The Lymph System

 The lymph system plays an important role in the detoxification process. It starts the transport of toxins from cells to the liver. With the large amount of toxins that need to be transported, the lymph system can too easily be clogged up and the detoxification process becomes drastically reduced.

Custom Elixir LS tell the body to focus on clearing the lymph system and to keep it functioning optimally. It is an easy to take, non herbal formula that does an excellent job of lymph system support.


Again: Toxin Elimination Elixir and Liver Detox Pathways Elixir almost always test vital to use. MPR Elixir test vital in children who have that methylation genetic defect. Toxin Elimination Elixir is the most vital elixir if you can't get all.

Glutathione Force and Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ also test vital in children who are dealing with even more excessive than usual toxic load.


Step 3 — Repair, Regenerate and Heal

This step can be included right away, or even before the others as they will cause less side effects in general. Some of the supplements covered here could be among the most valuable supplements to use.

Vital Cell Reset Elixir, Morphic Field Elixir, and Sattuv elixirs can be used in full doses right from the start. The other work into them.

We start with a group of the most valuable elixirs in general for autism.

Following that will be a list of elixirs and supplements that are important to use, but not quite as valuable overall as the others, except when the issue they deal with needs to be addressed.

As with steps 1 and 2, most of the suggestions here are “instruction infused” frequency enhanced water elixirs. These can be taken together, hidden in just about anything, or taken undiluted. They are easy to take and enable you to work on many different issues without overwhelming your child or yourself.

These are going to be listed in an overall order of value based on the most common issues that come up with autism.

The Most Important Regeneration and Repair Remedies

You should be using these remedies right from the start as they deal with some very fundamental issues causing autism symptoms that must be dealt with -- and which will take a long time to correct. There may be no other remedies that can do what these do. They are unique, powerful and work remarkably well.

Morphic Field Elixir  

The morphogenic field is an organizing field that some biologists believe every living being has. It helps determine how cells, plants, organs and organisms develop. In the 1920s biologists first proposed that this development must depend on an organizational field because genes cannot adequately account for everything that happens. This field is sometimes called a morphogenetic field.

Genes are part of this organization but genes only enable us to make particular proteins, turning on or turning off production of whatever protein they control.

Some developmental genes, like the Hox genes in fruit flies, worms, fish and mammals, are very similar. But such genes cannot in themselves determine form, otherwise fruit flies might not look different from us. So biologists proposed that there must be an energetic morphogenic field that organizes cells to create organs, limbs, the various components of the body.

A morphogenic field that has been damaged so that it is no longer giving good instructions to the cells may contribute in a significant way to the development of autism symptoms. It can be damaged by toxins, pathogens and injuries, and can be inherited in a damaged form.

Even if you are doing everything right to help your child recover from autism, their ability to improve may be limited by a damaged morphic field sending out wrong instructions to the cells in the brain.

This is where Morphic Field Elixir comes in.

The energies in the Morphic Field Elixir turn on the healing of the morphic field which will then be reflected gradually in the healing of and recovery of they physical body. There is no other remedy specifically developed to accelerate this healing of the Morphic Field. The Morphic Field Elixir always tests as one of the most important elixirs that autistic child should be using.

Vital Cell Reset Elixir

This elixir is based on brand new research that had spectacular results with autism. Its instructions turn off the Cell Danger Response (CDR) activation that happens when cells are attacked by pathogens, damaged by toxins or injured in some way.

In order to protect cells when they are attacked or damaged, the Cell Danger Response stops cell communication so the cells no longer work. It is like sending an injured worker to the hospital.

A small study at the University of San Diego had remarkable results giving several autistic children one dose of a drug that shuts down the CDR activation in the body. Children who could not speak began to talk within days. Behaviors significantly improved. It was amazing.

However, if may be a good five years to go through a drug approval process and it may not get approved. The Cell Danger Response is there for a reason, to help cells repair, and turning it off throughout the body may not be healthy over the long term.

What the study clearly shows is that the Cell Danger Response is responsible for the development of many symptoms in autism, and certainly contributes to an inability to heal even when the underlying cause, pathogens and toxins, are being dealt with.

Research has shown that many times the Cell Danger Response fails to deactivate after the cell has been repaired. This can result in an inability to function and speak adequately because the cells remain turn off even after they have been detoxified and pathogens killed.

Vital Cell Reset deals with this. Its instructions turn off the Cell Danger Response in cells where CDR is no longer needed, but has not been shut down. Because it only deactivates the Cell Danger Response in cells that no longer need it, it is far safer than the drug that deactivates all CDR. Its actions may greatly speed up improvement in your child, especially as you remove toxins and pathogens from cells using Toxin Elimination Elixir and CandXpel.

Memory Recovery Elixir

This elixir was made for folks with Alzheimer's, but it is always high on the list of elixirs to use for autism. In both cases, pathogen or candida overgrowth in the brain leads to the damage. Research has shown that the brains of autistic children are remarkably similar to the brains of people with Alzheimer's.

Memory Recovery Elixir works on elimination pathogens in the brain, improving the body's response to them and their toxins, reducing inflammation and plaque and tangles, and stimulates repair of the brain.

It starts out by increasing production of the IL-33 protein to enable the immune system to better identify, and release more of an enzyme that digests amyloid plaque and oligomer clumps. Excessive amounts of these plaques and clumps interfere with cognitive function. In addition, increased levels of this protein help reduce inflammation.

Reducing this inflammation is important as elderly who have amyloid plaque and clumping in the brain, but who have little inflammation, do not exhibit symptoms of Alzheimer's. Autistic children have a lot of inflammation in the brain also.

Memory Recovery Elixir also instructs the body to reduce or stop production of mutated genes that could further increase memory loss. This includes the APOE-e4 gene, mutated APP genes, mutated PS-1 and PS-2 genes. This gene mutation is likely caused by candida toxins.

This elixir also instructs the body to improve the quality of, and increase the quantity of. nerve synapses in the brain.

To help protect the brain, Memory Recovery Elixir instructs the body to find and remove aluminum and heavy metals from the brain. And to do the same with candida, molds, fungi, viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma. These all have destructive effects on the brain and cause chronic inflammation of the brain and nervous system.

Memory Recovery Elixir is so valuable for autism, it always tests as being vital to use. It is powerful and does a lot in the brain, so you have to work into it slowly. If you increase it too rapidly, as happened below, stop and wait till symptoms subside, and then go back to 1 drop a day for a number of days.

"I started my son on the 5 drop dose of 
Vital Cell Reset, 
Morphic Field Elixir, 
Sattuv and 
twice a day.
Let me tell you, we were amazed at what happened.
I was having mini conversations with him, he was calm he was doing soon good. 
4 days like this. Then I added one drop to the mix, of Memory Recovery Elixir. I added one drop in the morning and one drop in the evening to his mix. Next day I added two drops in the morning. He was a disaster to himself all day. Completely different child. 
He was so rigid and tense. Hitting and pulling on his own skin.
I did not give him anymore Memory Recovery Elixir that evening....
Help please. Is this normal for the the Memory Recovery Elixir?
Should I stop completely with Memory Recovery Elixir right now?
He was doing so good with only the
Morphic Field Elixir, 
Sattuv and 
YouthVital."        Dina D.

It is not normal, but can happen as it works on repairing and healing the brain. Memory Recovery Elixir is the most important of these regeneration/healing elixirs as it works on so many issues in the brain. The next three below are almost always vital to use also.


Fatty Acid Transport Elixir –– Helping Cognition, Reducing Anxiety

For almost all autistic children, this is testing as a very important elixir to be using. It focuses on increasing to high optimal levels two fatty acid transport proteins. These proteins bind to and carry fatty acids (fats) into cells. If levels are low, cells will not absorb fats which will negatively affect brain functioning.

In a study published in the journal, Human Molecular Genetics, low levels of these FABPs (fatty acid binding proteins) were genetically connected to autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia in humans and mice studies confirmed this link.

Low levels of Fabp3 in mice produced a decrease in memory and social motivation, mirroring the dysfunctional cognition and lack of interest in social communication often seen in ASD. In contrast, low levels of FABP7 produced hyperactivity and anxiety, also quite common in autism.

In other words, when there are not enough fatty acid binding proteins transporting essential fatty acids into cells, especially brain cells, they cannot function optimally and lead to the development of several very common autism symptoms.

The Fatty Acid Transport Elixir tells the body to produce optimal amounts of these and all other fatty acid binding proteins in order to correct any deficiencies. In our energetic testing for what elixirs would help an autistic child the most, quite often this elixir tests as the most important elixir to use.

Sattuv — Stimulate Repair of Speech Neuropathways

Instructions transmitted to the body by Sattuv elixir tell the body to repair neural pathways or to create new pathways where repair is not possible.

A major issue in improving autism symptoms is to develop neural pathways that were not developed at the appropriate time because toxins, pathogens, or inflammation interfered with their development. Sattuv helps to speed up this development, or in some cases, to even make it possible.

As such, it almost always tests as vital to use for autism.

It has quite a history of helping with autism. Adriana writes, “I'm the mother of triplets boys with autism. They are doing great with Sattuv. I noticed that one of my boys that is extremely hyper, after taking Sattuv the self stems like hands flapping and jumping dropped a lot, he seems more calm.

I noticed that Sattuv is really helping the boys not just with the speech, but overall too.”

Others also have reported that Sattuv calms down an autistic child. As the neural pathways start to function better, there would naturally be less agitation.

The energies in Sattuv focus on the speech pathways, and with young children an improvement in speech could happen quickly.

Sattuv also works on neural pathways throughout the body. This is not a fast process in older teenagers and adults. But it is an important one.

YouthVital -– Growth Hormone, Stem Cell Repair and FGF2 Levels

While young children do not necessarily need increased growth hormones as their level is high already, YouthVital has a great deal of benefit for children with autism as it tells the body to activate stem cells to repair organs.

Stem cell therapy has proven to be quite powerful at helping improve autism. YouthVital certainly would not work as fast or as completely as stem cell therapy would work, but it does activate the body's own stem cells to accelerate repair of organs and the body as a whole.

YouthVital recently became a top elixir for autism, testing vital for almost everyone, once instructions to increase FGF2 fibroblast levels to high optimal levels were added to it.

Research studies have found that low FGF2 levels are associated with anxiety, fear, depression and OCD tendencies. Increasing FGF2 levels will help improve these issues. YouthVital will increase these levels over the course of six months.

"Our son has now tried the 6 first elixirs that you recommended and we have seen some improvement in his speech and "willingness" to share things.

I'm ready to order a new set since we have already run out of the Vital, Sattuv and Youth Vital drops.... He now takes Memory, Vagus and Toxin and I want to add the other three as soon as I get them ordered if this is what you would recommend."   Erika P.

Vagus Signaling Control Elixir — Creating Inner Calmness

Inappropriate functioning of the vagus nerve can result, according to the Polyvagal Theory made by Stephen Porges, PhD, in shutdown, immobility, and the inability to make emotional contact.

This is characterized by poor facial expression, poor vocalization, an inability to make eye contact, and more. Just a few fibers in the vagus nerve control all these responses in the face.

The vagus nerve is connected with the autonomous nervous system, especially the parasympathetic system.

While the Polyvagal theory explains much about how the vagus nerve is connected up with shutdown and immobility, other then making someone feel as safe as possible, suggesting singing and feeling gratitude, it does not have much to offer in how to move beyond this.

The Vagus Signaling Control Elixir provides a solution to repair this. Making it a very valuable supplement for ASDs.

It instructs the body to reset the functioning of the vagus nerve, and to optimize function of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Resetting the vagus nerve can help to activate or create what is called “vagal calm” in the body, a state of inner peace and calmness.

Vagus Signaling Control Elixir also instructs the body to reset and optimize the autonomous nervous system to eliminate inappropriate fear responses of fight or flight.

It even works on the amygdala fear center of the brain, instructing the body to reduce over-stimulation of this part of the brain to reduce the number of inappropriate responses to perceived threats.

HPA Elixir — Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal Gland Support

The instructions in this elixir optimize function of the Hypothalamus, the Pituitary Gland and the Adrenal Glands. These three glands work together as a unit called the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenals axis. Improving their function improves the health of the entire endocrine system.

Because of excess production of histamine as a reaction to allergies and inflammation, and because of chronic stress, the adrenals must produce much more adrenaline and cortisol than they normally would. As a result of this overproduction, the adrenal glands become worn out and exhausted.
The HPA elixir specifically tells the body to make the adrenal glands stronger.

HPA’s instructions to optimize pituitary function also means that the pituitary gland will produce and release TSH to help turn on the thyroid, and thus help with the very common hypothyroidism found in autism.

Research shows that children and adults with autism are high in adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). HPA instructs the body to reduce those levels down to normal or optimal levels for health and wellbeing.

In addition researchers find that Growth Hormone and glutamate levels are high in most cases of autism. HPA has instructions to optimize, and reduce if needed, levels of Growth Hormone and glutamate.

Researchers have also found that the hypothalamus is smaller than normal most of the time when there is autism. This may be the reason why with autism there is usually low levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is the love hormone and helps develop stronger connection and communication.

Not only could the hypothalamus get bigger as the instructions to improve function of the hypothalamus take effect, but HPA tells the body to increase levels of oxytocin.

All these benefits make HPA Elixir one of the more important elixirs to be using when dealing with autism spectrum disorders.

The above elixirs are the top testing elixirs in Group 3 that most children need. Other elixirs may be needed by some children to deal with specific issues.

These are covered below. For example, if sleep is a problem, then Restful Sleep Elixir is called for. Or if your child suffers from sensory overload, then Sensory Overload Elixir is very important to use.


Other Valuable Remedies

This first one is for older children and adults.

Optimal C Elixir — Reducing Inflammation In The Brain

A major issue in autism is brain inflammation. This inflammation damages brain cells, and is a cause of a number of the symptoms and dysfunctions that characterize ASDs.

Reducing inflammation in the brain is not that easy to do. Certainly using the anti-inflammatory drugs is not healthy for the brain.

Optimal C Elixir is a breakthrough supplement for dealing with inflammation in the brain and more that works in a way that no other supplement does.

This frequency enhanced elixir tells the body to make its own vitamin C. This is a big deal.

Humans have not been able to make vitamin C, as most mammals can, because the gene that turns on production of the L-gulonolactone oxidase enzyme needed to make vitamin C in mammals, is missing in humans.

The instructions in Optimal C Elixir will take the place of this gene. It can do so because these elixirs do a very good job of telling the body to make specific enzymes.

Optimal C tells to liver to make L-gulonolactone oxidase and then to make vitamin C using that enzyme. It is told to create optimal levels of vitamin C in the body.

This is a lot of vitamin C, not the amounts usually taken orally. For example....

A 150 pound goat, when unstressed, produces 13,000 mg of vitamin C a day, and when stressed, can produce up to 13 times more, approximately 169,000 mg a day.

Optimal C will stimulate the body to produce similar quantities of vitamin C, based on weight and the amount optimally needed in the body.

There are many benefits from being able to make your own vitamin C. The immune system will work better. The blood and cells will be cleaned up of free radicals. More toxins will be removed. And inflammation will be reduced. All these benefits are important for everyone, to improve health and wellbeing, but especially so for those with autism.

Optimal C Elixir can initiate so much detoxification, it is often best to wait 6 months before introducing this. However, the next elixir below is always valuable right from the start.

Allergy Relief Elixir — Calming Down Allergic Reactions

Most children on the spectrum suffer from allergies. Food allergies, airborne allergies, chemical sensitivities, you name it. The reason for this lies with the fact that candida overgrowth is, for a vast majority of children with ASDs, an underlying cause of why it develops.

So what does this have to do with developing allergies? Well, it works like this.

When candida yeast overgrow in the intestinal tract, and turn into a fungal form, or when a baby picks up the candida fungus going through the birth canal, that fungus uses its legs to drill holes in the intestinal wall, creating a leaky gut.

This enables the candida to escape into the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. It also enables partially digested food particles to enter the blood. These particles cannot be used by your cells as food. They aren’t broken down far enough.

So the immune system is given the job of cleaning up these cells, using inflammation. After enough exposure to these undigested food particles, the immune system gets into a hypersensitive over-responding mode where it responds to completely digested food too.

Once the immune system is in this mode, it can start over- responding to all types of allergens.

The Allergy Relief Elixir works to turn down this over-response of the immune system.

It tells the body to reduce allergy symptoms. More importantly, it turns off three responses of the immune system that inappropriately cause allergic responses to develop.

Excessive production of the IgE antibodies that cause allergic responses is reduced in general, and stopped with regard to innocuous antigens like foods. Inflammation caused by mast cells destroying allergens is reduced, as is immune system response to allergens.

Histamine levels are reduced to low normal levels and histamine will not as easily bind to blood vessel cells, thus reducing internal bleeding that is common with allergic responses. The functioning of the adrenals, pituitary, and hypothalamus is optimized so that allergic patterns of response are reduced and eventually eliminated. And the immune system is instructed to grab hold of and carry foreign antigens and allergens out of the body without initiating an allergic response.

All these actions work together to calm down and even eliminate allergies and to calm down the over-responding immune system attacking the body.

Stress Reducer Elixir — Autism Severity Tied To Stress

Researchers reported in 2015 that low functioning autistic children had considerably higher cortisol levels throughout the day than did high functioning autistic children or normal children.

Whether high stress levels caused their low functioning, or were caused by it, is unknown. However, there can be no argument that high stress levels are good for these children.

With its ability to reduce stress and create good feelings, the Stress Reducer Elixir could be invaluable for these children (and their parents).

It instructs the body to reduce to optimal levels all the stress producing hormones. This works to reduce stress from the inside out. In addition, the body is told to increase to optimal levels, but no higher, all the “feel good” hormones.

Serotonin production will be turned on if it is too low, or turned down it is too high. Endorphin and oxytocin production will increase to optimal levels. This helps create stronger feelings of love, connection, trust, wellbeing and happiness. And less stress.

Flow of energy to and from the heart is improved. This elixir tells the body to optimize the function of the area of the brain called the claustrum by reducing over-stimulation. When the claustrum functions properly, after over-stimulation is reduced, self- awareness improves.

Use this elixir to help reduce anxiety, stress, fear, lack of trust and empathy. Use it to increase your feelings of wellbeing, happiness, love, connection, trust and empathy . Your immune system function will improve too.

Restful Sleep Elixir

This elixir works on every issue affecting sleep and causing insomnia. It instructs the body to improve Pineal Gland function so optimal amounts of melatonin are produced. The body is instructed to fall asleep fast, to stay asleep, and to sleep deeply and restfully.

The removal of toxins from the brain is optimized and accelerated to prevent them from disrupting sleep. Function of the pituitary gland is optimized to increase production of human growth hormones which has a positive effect on sleep and regeneration.

Stress hormone production is reduced to low optimal levels which also enables better sleep.

This is a powerful sleep remedy with no side effects. It may take two weeks or longer before you start to see its benefits, or literally you may notice a benefit within a short period of time.

Sensory Overload Elixir — Reduce Sensory Overload

This elixir help someone with autism better handle sensory overload, and also contains instructions to help an autistic child deal with hypo-sensitivity, too little sensory input.

It supplies a set of instructions telling the body to optimize sensory perception when there is hypo-sensitivity, with too low an ability to perceive, feel, hear, see, smell and taste.

Primarily, it tells the body to reduce hypersensitivity, so that a child on the spectrum does not become overloaded — with too much information being received.

If your child exhibits these types of symptoms, you may find that this elixir would help out considerably. This elixir often produces quick results. Very Important to use if your child is dealing with sensory overload issues.

DAO - MT Elixir — Dealing with High Copper or High Histamine Levels

This elixir tells the body to produce more of diamine oxidase enzyme (DAO) and also the protein metallothionein (MT). Additional instructions tell the body to stimulate repair of any DNA mutations that may cause low production of DAO and MT.

DAO is primarily found in the GI tract where it destroys excess histamines found in food so that histamine levels do not elevate in the body. Too little DAO allows histamine levels to elevate, and histamine intolerance can develop.

One sign of histamine intolerance is when a woman feels better than she every has, during pregnancy. The reason for this is that during pregnancy the body produces up to 500% more DAO.

Histamine is produced as response to the many food allergies caused by Candida induced Leaky Gut Syndrome. This causes increased production of adrenaline which then causes increased production of cortisol and at some point the adrenals become worn out. DAO increases will take some of the load off the adrenals and help prevent adrenal fatigue and excess stress.

DAO-MT may be able to significantly reduce this buildup of histamine and prevent adrenal fatigue.

Lack of Metallothionein has profound effects on individuals with low levels. MT controls copper levels. When MT is low, copper levels elevate and zinc levels decrease.

Excess copper causes high oxidative stress. Elevated copper levels are found in many health conditions, from autism and Alzheimer’s to methylation imbalances, autoimmune diseases, depression, bipolar and panic disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, eating disorders and ADHD.

Many children on the autism spectrum have elevated levels 30% or more higher than normal.

MT plays a number of other valuable activities in the body....

It detoxifies mercury and other heavy metals.

It improves immune system function, delivers zinc to cells, helps in the prevention of yeast overgrowth, and helps in the regulation of stomach acid.

It even is involved in the production of enzymes that break down casein and gluten, helping with these allergies. MT can also help repair a leaky gut, and reduce inflammation.

Pineal Gland Elixir — More Than Sleep Improvement

There are several aspects of pineal gland function that can play a strong role in causing a number of common characteristics of autism spectrum disorders.

Faulty synthesis of melatonin by the pineal gland can result in the creation of hallucinogenic substances that could cause altered states of consciousness and interfere with comprehending and relating to the outside world. This includes difficulties with speech or lack of speech and inappropriate social behavior.

The pineal gland helps us utilize information received from the outside world. Possible lack of crystalline structure and other abnormalities of the pineal gland in autistic children could impede that ability.

Low production of melatonin from a poorly functioning pineal gland could cause many autism symptoms. Melatonin supplementation can help with symptoms as could this elixir which tells the pineal gland to produce optimal amounts of melatonin.

One consequence of low melatonin levels is high adrenaline, putting the autistic child continuously in a stressful survival mode that could interfere with learning, speech and development.

Low melatonin levels would make a child more sensitive to light, temperature, magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields. A malfunctioning pineal gland will not be able to regulate homeostasis in the body.

Low melatonin secretions can cause hypersensitivity of the nervous system. Hallucinogenic compounds produced by the pineal gland can contribute to this effect, and also to hyperactivity.

The Pineal Gland Elixir tells the body to repair, improve and optimize the functioning of the pineal gland. This includes instructions to produce more melatonin if needed, to prevent excess production of hallucinogenic compounds, and to repair any damage to the pineal gland so it can do its job of helping the mind and soul communicate with the outside world.

Because of all these issues, this is one of the more powerful elixirs for use with autism. In general, it is better to stimulate optimal production of melatonin rather than supplement with melatonin, as the body will tend to become dependent on that supplement and become lazy and make even less of this powerful hormone.

Tyovu — Improving Thyroid and Adrenal Function

This elixir tells the body to optimize thyroid and adrenal function. The adrenals and thyroid are connected. When adrenal exhaustion sets in from too much histamine production causing it to produce too much adrenaline and cortisol, which is caused by too much stress and by candida overgrowth, then the thyroid will become under active.

Dr. Kellman found that 75% of the autistic children he tested had hypothyroidism, a poorly functioning thyroid.

Tyovu would be one natural, non-toxic way to address this issue that would be especially valuable as it also supports the adrenals, and in a slightly different way than the HPA Elixir does.


Quzu elixir -- Stimulating Production of Glutathione and Endorphins

Quzu is an elixir that tells the body to take four actions.

1. To increase endorphin production in the brain. A big increase in endorphins, which the Sound Therapy Recording also creates, improves the ability of the brain to control the immune system. This enables the immune system to do a better job of dealing with pathogens and toxins.

2. To increase glutathione production. It is the main toxin neutralizer in the body, especially for environmental and vaccine toxins, and the #2 antioxidant enzyme.

3. To increase cellular life force energy by instructing cells to vibrate at a higher "vibrations per minute”. This action increases overall health in normal cells, and accelerates healing.

According to Dr. Bryon Gentry, author of "Miracles of the Mind", optimal vibrations per minute for health are 108,000. To improve poor health, higher vibrations are needed. Quzu may increase cellular vibrations up to 300,000 times per minute.

4. To mobilize stem cells to repair the body. Stem cell therapy is a strong autism therapy and even though using Quzu is not near as powerful as getting the therapy done, it does help.


Whole Body Wellness Elixir — Clearing Negative Energies

This elixir deals with negative energies that may be worsening autism symptoms. It transmits vibrations to your body that work to correct negative subconscious energy patterns that could make autistic symptoms worse.

The subtle energies in Whole Body Wellness are designed to clear these patterns and to establish new patterns of health and wellness with an emphasis on unconditional love.

Whole Body Wellness may be particularly valuable for children or adults who exhibit outbursts of negativity and anger.

Cellular Healing Elixir — Clearing Cellular Energies

This is also dealing with subtle energies in the body. It focuses more on repair and healing at the cellular level.

It carries instructions to clear negative energies in cells and around your cellular DNA. These energies may be an underlying cause of poor cellular function and contribute to an inability to heal autism.

Cellular Healing Elixir works to reprogram cellular energies, clearing negative cellular memory, and reprogramming negative energies around DNA to support health and well-being.

It also has instructions that stimulate healthy reproduction of cells. This will help to stimulate repair and regeneration.

GI Pro — Healing The Leaky Gut

Supplies a probiotic greens formula, predigested fish protein and nutrients to heal the leaky gut. The leaky gut causes food allergies and reduces the ability of the body to digest food.

In addition, it offers benefit for the digestive system and overall health. It provides therapeutic levels of OPC's from Grape Seed Extract for their synergistic effect on collagen repair, as well as therapeutic levels of Silymarin from Milk Thistle for its liver boosting effects and protective benefits.

GI Pro's predigested collagen (peptide) protein is an amazing food supplement that allows the body's repair and renewal systems to work more effectively. Collagen protein is the basic building block of healthy cells and without enough collagen, only partial repairs can take place.

The hydrolyzed, pre-digested collagen protein in GI Pro is available immediately to the intestinal wall cells to repair the leaky gut, and can help throughout the body. Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Protein is backed by a 40-year history of safe clinical use. This collagen and the other ingredients that make up GI Pro have been carefully selected to support the rapid repair of damaged intestinal tissue and establish optimum flora balance. 180 capsules

P-A-L Enzymes — Supporting Digestion Of Food

Use of a good digestive enzyme is also vital for improving digestion. Especially valuable for helping your autistic child digest his protein, to break it down into amino acids.

Take it with meals. It helps to break down food in the upper stomach. All food originally contains the enzymes required to help it break down in the upper stomach. Processing, cooking and irradiation all kill the enzymes so the food does not break down. Organic uncooked fruits and vegetables, raw milk, etc. don’t need additional enzymes to break them down. Cooked foods do. Use one capsule or less per meal.

Summary Of Top Remedies Almost Every Child With Autism Needs

Determining what to use from all these supplements can be confusing. So, based on what we have consistently seen when we review the testing that has been done to determine what is most important to use, we have compiled a list below of the very most important elixirs to use.

These are listed in a general order of importance, so if you can only get a few of them, focus on the ones at the top of the list unless you need an elixir or supplement in particular such as Sensory Overload Elixir to help deal with sensory overload.

They start with the fundamentals.

Toxin Elimination Elixir to uniquely and efficiently remove toxins

CandXpel to remove candida and pathogens in general

Memory Recovery Elixir to work on the brain malfunctions

Fatty Acid Transport Elixir

Morphic Field Elixir

Vital Cell Reset



Then you can add in elixirs for specific issues. Allergy Relief Elixir if there are a lot of allergies, Stress Reducer Elixir is stress is an issue, Sensory Overload Elixir if sensory overload is a problem.

For older children over ten, Brain Power and Optimal C Elixir usually test as vital to use.

With older children a bottle of an elixir may last just a month, but with young children they may last months.


Get Healthy Again carries the remedies mentioned in this article. Their shopping cart, where you can go to make an order is:

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Autism Parents: For great support in your journey to heal your child -- from someone who knows it is possible for you to succeed and can help you do so. we suggest that you work with Karen Thomas. She is a therapist and mom, who reversed her own child's autism, and now she is teaching other moms how to do the same. She teaches you what you need to work on, what to do first, and supports you on your journey.

Click here to learn more about her program.

In Conslusion

In this report we’ve tried to communicate in an understandable way what we’ve learned about autism. The causes of autism have plenty of research behind them, along with anecdotal reports from practitioners who focus on autism.

We’ve come up with nothing new in this regard, but put it all together in a way that hopefully makes more sense as a whole than the bits and pieces that you are usually presented with.

Those of us at hope this information will been of use to you.

Understanding the causes of autism and knowing what needs to be done to correct these causes gives you a very high probability of improving the life of your child.

Remember, thousands of autistic children have improved through using just some of the suggestions covered in this report.

Autism is not something that just happens, without any reason or rhyme. It is not something that is untreatable, whose symptoms can only be controlled with drugs.

There are real causes that lead to autism, and thus there are solutions to improve or even reverse it. There is hope.

If you try any of these suggestions, please let us know how they worked for your child. The more feedback we get, the better this report will become.

If you do find this report and the products suggested in it to make a real difference in your child, please share it with others.

There are far too many parents who don’t understand why their child has autism or autism spectrum disorders, and who do not know that anything can be done to help.

All the best to you and your child,

From the Staff at