Understanding and Healing Lupus

If you suffer from lupus, or a loved one does, you know how poorly most lupus healing strategies and remedies work. It has been a very tough illness to deal with as most of the time what the doctors prescribe fixes the symptoms for a short while, but never the core of the illness. Long-term use of drugs and medications will often make you more ill in the long run as these are toxic to the body. (They are altered from nature so they can be patented, and once a natural molecule is altered, it can’t be used properly by the body and becomes toxic to it.) 

Lupus, along with all other autoimmune diseases, are a byproduct of a weak immune system.  An autoimmune disease is a harmful immune response against healthy and normal tissues and substances in the body.  It attacks the cells using inflammation to try and get rid of pathogens and infections in the body. This doesn’t succeed, as inflammation is not meant to fight pathogens and does a poor job of it. Lupus is another name for a handful of symptoms, also known as side effects of your body’s struggle with pathogens and toxins.  These symptoms can include: 

* Swelling,

* Pain of the joints and muscle pain  

* Weakness,

* Fatigue,

* Sun-sensitivity, and

* Hair loss 

* "Butterfly" or mylar rash (a rash across the nose and cheeks) 

* Fever,

* Anemia and

* Headaches 

* Recurrent miscarriages

Symptoms of discoid lupus include a variety of different looking skin rashes, photo-sensitivity, & sometimes mouth or nose ulcers.  

And you will have a number of other symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases.  Read about them on the Autoimmune Symptoms report on this website.

In fact, many of the conditions below are related to a compromised Immune System as well:

* Allergies

* Arthritis 

* Headaches.

* Menstrual cycle difficulty

* Low endurance and

* Chronic fatigue

* Indigestion

Causes of Lupus

In order to understand what to do to reverse lupus, you need to understand the underlying causes of it.  There are two fundamental causes of lupus -- and every other autoimmune disease for that matter.

Lupus Cause #1:  PATHOGENS

By far the main cause of lupus, maybe 80% of the time, is pathogens.

More exactly, chronic infections caused by small pathogens like viruses, prions and mycoplasma. When your body can’t get rid of these pathogens, lupus or some other autoimmune disease develops. These pathogens reside in your cells.

Because they are in your cells, your immune system (when it eventually becomes worn out trying to get rid of them the way it normally does) attacks the cells that have pathogens in them. It attacks the cells using inflammation to try and get rid of those pathogens. This doesn’t succeed as inflammation is not meant to fight pathogens and does a poor job of it.  

Unfortunately, the inflammation damages your cells in what is described as an autoimmune response. It’s not supposed to happen this way. And it doesn’t start out happening this way.

At first your immune system uses what are called TH-1 immune cells to attack these pathogens. These TH-1 cells are designed to deal with pathogens. They are the right choice. But with some pathogens, the TH-1 cells don’t succeed. The pathogens, like the Epstein Barr viruses, stay in the body and aren’t eliminated.

So at some point the TH-1 side of the immune system runs out of juice, and the inflammatory, TH-2 side takes over the job. In fact, sometimes the pathogens trick the immune system to activating the TH-2 side of the immune system while deactivating the TH-1 side.

So, your immune system is out of balance, attacking your cells with the over-responding TH-2 inflammatory immune system cells, while your TH-1 immune cells are deactivated, worn out and not working. 

One aspect of dealing with lupus is to modulate the immune system -- to bring it back into balance.  However, it is even more important to eliminate the pathogens that initiate the autoimmune response. 

Sometimes pathogens are not the underlying cause of lupus. Instead, exposure to toxins -- lots of toxins -- is the cause.

Lupus Cause #2: TOXINS

Normally, when toxins enter your body, they are carried to the liver where they are filtered out, neutralized and eliminated. But when you are exposed to more toxins entering your body than the liver can detoxify, your body ends up sticking toxins in cells. Some of these toxins seem to be so irritating that your immune system attacks your cells in an attempt to eliminate these toxins, creating an autoimmune disease like lupus.

Because pathogens always produce toxic waste, you also end up with too many toxins when your lupus is caused by pathogens. If you can get the liver working better, so that it can successfully eliminate toxins, then your cells can gradually release the toxins in them.  If your lupus is caused or is partially caused by toxins, then this gradual elimination of the toxins will wind down the lupus.

If your liver is not handling toxins well, then toxins released by cells will stay in your body, irritating it, causing pain and dysfunction -- and lupus can continue.

Liver dysfunction can be a major cause of lupus. It is always involved one way or the other as a buildup of toxins in the body is always found in any autoimmune condition.

The Fundamentals For Fighting Lupus

1. Small pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma) invade cells. This stimulates an inflammatory, autoimmune response by the immune system. These pathogens enter the body through a leaky gut that is caused by Candida overgrowth.

The most valuable supplement for killing pathogens, including Candida, while also reducing inflammation and to some extent healing the leaky gut is Alka Super C.

Very gradually work up to using a 2 bottle a month dose, for an adult, of Alka Super C.

In this liquid supplement, a very small amount of vitamin C is bonded to specially processed OH water molecules. This combination enables Alka Super C to release massive amounts of electrons into cells. This significantly boosts the health of cells, increasing their voltage. This action greatly stimulates repair and regeneration of organs and cells.

The electrons also zap and kill pathogens including candida, And they eliminate toxins too. They will help repair the walls of the blood vessels, increasing arterial flexibility and reducing inflammation. Ordinary vitamin C supplements do not work in the same way that this does so the vitamin C supplement you may take does not substitute for Alka Super C. Only the name is similar….


Alka Super C has 3 actions that make it the most valuable supplement for lupus.

A. Alka Super C does a great job of killing pathogens. It will gradually eliminate the pathogens in cells that stimulated, and are stimulating, the autoimmune response against your body. In addition, these electrons zap and kill Candida and Candida spores so that over the course of a year Candida will be eliminated. And the leaky gut thus will be able to heal.

B. Autoimmune diseases are inflammatory. It is inflammation that has damaged and continues to damage the cells in your body. Alka Super C is highly anti-inflammatory. It's base of OH water binds with acids and removes them from the body. The allows for more oxygen to get into the area where the acids have been removed. This action greatly reduces inflammation. The extra oxygen also stimulates repair and healing.

C. Alka Super C will stimulate a gradual repair of every organ in the body, including the leak gut. Over time, this will occur to as great an extent as possible. The highly charged electrons Alka Super C releases in cells gives cells extra energy to repair and regenerate.

2. The immune system becomes hyper-stimulated, causing inflammatory damage to cells. This is going on when your lupus is flaring up. While Alka Super C reduces inflammation in the body, it does not specifically modulate the immune system response. The very best way to do this, so good in fact some doctors say it alone is the cure for autoimmune diseases, is to take high dose vitamin D along with vitamin K. We suggested here an added elixir that increases effectiveness greatly.


2 bottles a month Vitamin D Activator w/ High Dose Vitamin D and Vitamin K

Again, there have been several doctors who have been using successfully very high dose vitamin D to reverse and cure autoimmune diseases. As lupus is an autoimmune disease, it makes sense to include it in this protocol.

Vitamin D Activator is a special frequency enhanced elixir that improves the actions of vitamins D3 and K. This elixir turns on production of vitamin D and vitamin K transport proteins to high optimal levels. These transport proteins transport vitamin D and vitamin K throughout the body, wherever they need to go, and help carry them into cells. Almost everyone is low in these transport proteins. The genes that turn on their production become damaged by toxins. In this high dose protocol, you need additional transport proteins to handle the increase amount of D and K in the body.

High dose vitamin D has been used by MDs and other health professionals for reversing autoimmune diseases, reducing inflammation, preventing and fighting cancer, colds, flu and other infections, for cardiovascular health and more. High dose vitamin D3 is about 35% more effective when taking Vitamin D Activator. With increased levels of vitamin D, more D transport proteins are needed to carry vitamin D where it needs to go. This elixir does not supply vitamin D or vitamin K. It turns on production of the transport proteins needed to carry vitamin D into cells. Plus it stimulates the body to repair vitamin D and vitamin K receptor sites so that vitamin K and vitamin D can get into cells more efficiently.

The amount of vitamin D that is optimal to use in a high dose protocol, though even higher doses have been recommended, is this. Take 30,000 IU a day of vitamin D3 ongoing. If you get a well absorbed, emulsified, Vitamin D Mulsion Forte, 15 drops is 30,000 IU. There are 750 drops, 2000 IU per drop, in a bottle so a bottle lasts 6 weeks or so.

Vitamin D greatly increases absorption of calcium. Vitamin D toxicity is caused by excess calcium in the blood because of this increased absorption. To prevent this, you need to take vitamin K with high dose vitamin D. Vitamin K will move calcium from the blood to the bones. This prevents a buildup of calcium in the blood, and helps your bones become stronger. It enables you to take high dose vitamin D3 with no problems. The blood levels of D that these practitioners suggest is optimal for reversing autoimmune disease is in the 150 to 200 range, about double the normal high range. There is no toxicity because high dose vitamin K is used along with the D.

Because there are several types of vitamin K that have different functions, what to use is a little more complicated. Vitamin K1 can be converted in the body to vitamin K2, but it also improves blood clotting while K2 does not.

So if on blood thinners, where you don’t want the blood to clot better, just use vitamin K2. The MK-7 version is the most active for moving calcium to the bones. Energetically testing optimal, and in line with other recommendations, is to take 400 mcg of MK-7 K2 a day. This is a much higher dose than normal, but with more D in the body, it is needed.

If you have calcification in the joints or arteries, or breasts, kidneys, if you are diabetic which tends to cause calcification of the arteries and kidneys, or if you have stones or bone spurs, use even a higher dose to eventually remove that buildup of calcium from where you don’t want it. Use 800 mcg of MK-7 K2 a day till all the calcification is gone. Then drop to 400 mcg a day as long as you are on a high dose D3 regime. (High dose D and K has so many benefits, in my opinion it is worthwhile to be on forever.)

If you aren’t on blood thinners, vitamin K1 tests more optimal to use. It is much less expensive too. Your body converts K1 into K2 as needed. There are 15 types of K2, not just the MK-4 or the MK-7 that are sold for K2 supplementation. They all have a purpose in the body. Use 3000 mcg a day of K1 when on high dose D3. This is less inexpensive than K2. If using the Vitamin K Emulsified, 1 drop is 500 mcg of K1, so use 6 drops a day. With 750 drops per bottle, a bottle would last 4 months.

This high dose vitamin D protocol is great for healing the leaky gut. Especially when used with Alka Super C. Because it takes a number of months to gradually increase the levels of vitamin D in your body, you generally can start at full dose, or close to it.

If you are in a flare-up, use Nymsar to calm down the immune system.

It would be optimal to using 2 bottles a month of Nymsar when in the midst of a lupus flare-up. Nymsar is an elixir that delivers energy frequencies to the body. Some of these energies support the liver and kidneys which is also useful when dealing with lupus. More important however, is Nymsar's ability to calm down an over-responding immune system. This is its most important action with lupus when you are in the midst of a flare-up. This immune modulation gives it a strong anti-inflammatory action.

Here is a brief explanation of how Nymsar and other elixirs work.

The base of each elixir is the same: Structured water and a tiny amount of organic orange and rosemary essential oils. The water holds the energetic vibration frequencies of sets of instructions. These instructions are communicated to the body through these frequencies when you take them.

Each remedy carries a different set of instructions in the form of vibrational frequencies. Similar to homeopathy, which has hundreds of different remedies using the same base, the base of each of these elixirs is the same.

The essential oils in the elixirs are there to help the energetic frequencies to be more efficiently transferred to your body.

A unique technological unit uses a number of proprietary energizing components to energize the elixirs. It amplifies the very subtle energetic frequencies of written instructions. Water in the elixir bottles picks up and holds these frequencies in its "memory". Just like homeopathy does.

When you take a particular elixir, the frequencies of the instructions in it are vibrating in that water. These frequency instructions are picked up by the water in cells and throughout your body. Cells are capable of following those instructions because cells communicate via frequencies such as light, all the time. Each cell contains a gel like water that is affected by frequencies. Whether from homeopathy, an elixir or from a reaction in your body.


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