Understanding & Healing Multiple Sclerosis

If you’ve been thinking there is nothing you can do to eliminate the debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and finally get your life back, this report offers hope…

If you or a loved one is living with Multiple Sclerosis, you are painfully aware of the physical and emotional impact of this debilitating condition.

Multiple Sclerosis is a very difficult illness to deal with as most of the time what the doctors prescribe fix the symptoms for a short while, but never the core of the illness.  

Long-term use of drugs and medications often can make you more ill in the long-run as these are toxic to the body.  (They are altered from nature so they can be patented, and once a natural molecule is altered, it can’t be used properly by the body and becomes toxic to it.)


The National Multiple Sclerosis Society notes about 400,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and worldwide, the disease affects about 2.5 million people. The disorder often strikes people in the prime of their lives - generally between the ages of 20 and 50. However it can first appear in childhood or make its first appearance after the age of 60.

Regardless of when it strikes, the effect can be devastating. America watched as the late comedian Richard Pryor slowly lost his ability to speak properly, walk normally, and see clearly. The emotional impact of the disease made a strong, athletic, military man, like Montel Williams literally cry out for help.

As a matter of fact, the emotional repercussions may be the most challenging aspect of all for some people. Emotions ebb and flow depending on the stage of progression of the disorder, if you are having flare-ups, and the struggles of managing Multiple Sclerosis day-to-day.

Negative emotions are normal and understandable. Anger, anxiety, sadness, and guilt – all can feel overpowering at times.

People with MS have a life expectancy that is not really any different from the general population. The leading causes of death in the MS community are heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

MS usually affects women more than men.

Women have typically been much more likely to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis than men, and that gap has widened significantly in the past 60 years, according to new research.

Some contributing factors might be the use of birth control pills, earlier menstruation, rising rates of obesity, more women smoking, and later ages at first pregnancies.

More than likely you’ve fully educated yourself on this terrible disorder through research and communication with your doctor. Perhaps you’ve learned something like this:

• The disorder is chronic and incurable.

• The outcome is variable and unpredictable.

• Depending on which nerves are involved, the disease can be mild or very serious.

• In the worst cases, MS can render a person unable to write, speak, or walk.

• The average survival is 35 years after diagnosis.

• A rare form of acute MS can be fatal quickly.

• MS is a condition that tends to remit and recur spontaneously for which there is no universally effective treatment.

Fortunately multiple sclerosis can be significantly improved, even if the medical profession does not usually deal with it effectively.

In this report you will come to understand

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Naturally, if you have MS you will be aware of your major symptoms. Typically the first symptoms to appear are blurred vision, fatigue, tingling sensations, muscle weakness, electrical shock-like sensations, and bladder problems.

Note: Symptoms may vary with each attack. They may last for months, then reduce or disappear, then recur periodically. With each new occurrence, the symptoms are different as new areas are affected. Fever can trigger or worsen attacks, as can hot baths, sun exposure, and stress.

There are a slew of symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases like MS that you may not be aware of. You will likely have several or more of these symptoms and not be aware that they are a result of your multiple sclerosis.

To spouses and family members: even though someone may look perfectly healthy, if they have an autoimmune disease, they are truly ill. It is not in their head.

Read about these symptoms on the Autoimmune Symptoms report on this website.

You’ll discover information your doctor probably hasn’t told you - and as you come back continue to read this report, you’ll learn what may help you significantly improve your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

I understand if you’re skeptical. After all, you have been told there isn’t a way to overcome MS. But if you read the entire report, keep an open mind and try the suggestions -– your health and life could undergo a radical transformation.

When you have a disorder such as Multiple Sclerosis, these symptoms occur because your immune system attacks your body. Something goes seriously wrong. The question is “WHY?”

Multiple Sclerosis is a result of:  DAMAGE TO THE MYELIN SHEATH

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system.

MS is believed to result from damage to the myelin sheath, the protective material that surrounds nerve cells. 

Scars (sclerosis) form on the nerve fibers in the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. These scars result from lesions that destroy the myelin sheath, a process known as demyelination.

A healthy myelin sheath is crucial for normal body movement and sensations. If damaged nerve impulses go “haywire”, they can’t travel quickly and accurately along the nerve fibers. The result is a vast array of neurological disabilities.

This myelin sheath damage is caused by inflammation. 

This inflammation occurs when the body's own immune cells attack the myelin sheath using an inflammatory mechanism. The inflammatory half of the immune system response.

Multiple Sclerosis is most likely Caused by Viral Infections in the Myelin Sheath.

There is more and more research showing that viruses may play a primary role in causing the development of MS. The most common virus found in damaged myelin sheaths is the herpes virus. 

Your immune system attacks these myelin sheath cells that are infected with viruses. 

At first, the immune system would be trying to deal with the viruses by using anti-viral immune cells. Eventually however, if the viruses are not eliminated, these cells become worn out and are not produced in sufficient numbers.

When this happens the immune system uses its inflammatory causing cells to try and eliminate the viruses. This causes the inflammation that damages the myelin sheath. 

The inflammation damages and destroys parts of the myelin sheath being attacked --  leaving multiple areas of scar tissue (sclerosis) –- thus the name Multiple Sclerosis.

The damage causes nerve impulses to slow down, become blocked, or mis-routed, leading to the lack of muscular control found in multiple sclerosis. 

Repeated episodes of inflammatory action cause flare-ups of multiple sclerosis. These can occur along any area of the brain and spinal cord.

This virus or variants of it, are found in many autoimmune diseases.

Depending on what parts of your myelin sheath are infected, different types of Multiple Sclerosis develop.

Research has found that low vitamin D levels are strongly correlated with Multiple Sclerosis.

MS is more common in northern climates where there is less sunlight and therefore less vitamin D is produced by the skin. I have read that intake up to 10,000 units a day may be called for when fighting MS. 

When vitamin D is lacking, the immune system cannot respond effectively.

MS Is A Progressive Disease

MS is a progressive disease. Nerve damage  gets worse over time.

The majority of people experience the disease as a series of attacks where they'll have some difficulty with sensation or coordination or vision or balance, and then they improve. There may be weeks or months before another attack.

MS can be diagnosed by the presence of lesions in the brain that are still apparent 6 months after the initial MRI is performed. They are in the same place.

Why Does The Immune System Malfunction?

The malfunctioning immune system is a major problem in autoimmune diseases so let’s first look at why the immune system starts having problems and what those problems are.

Let me make this one point first. Some researchers feel that Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune illness (and Parkinson’s disease) may be caused by consumption of aspartame (in diet drinks, Equal, NutraSweet) and/or MSG. 

If you drink diet sodas or commonly consume either of these two chemical excito-toxins, stop. They may be a major cause of your problems. Stop consuming them.

An Unbalanced Immune System Causes Multiple Sclerosis

To put it simply, your immune system has two different modes or sides. Th-1 or T helper-1 cells fight pathogen-like viruses, mycoplasma and bacteria that are inside the cells. Th-2 or T helper-2 cells fight pathogens outside the cells. 

When the immune system is healthy, these two modes function together, supporting each other in keeping the body healthy. But if they get out of balance, if the Th-1 side becomes weak and the Th-2 side over activates, an autoimmune disease can develop.

If you suffer from an autoimmune condition, in some way or another part of your immune system is worn out. 

The Wall Street Journal, August 2nd, 2000, reported that a team of researchers lead by Dr. Weyand studied patients with an autoimmune disease and compared them with people of similar age without the condition. 

They found that patients 20 to 30 years old had a collection of immune cells that looked as though they belonged to 50 to 60 year olds.

Worn out Th-1 cells can result in an elevated, overactive Th-2 immune response because they help control Th-2 cell activity. The immune system must be in balance to operate efficiently. If it is not, it needs to be modulated back into balance.

Besides this, several issues may also cause Th-2 cell over activation:

Stress is one factor:  Stress produces cortisol. Cortisol stimulates the production of Interleukin 6 and other Th-2 cells. For this reason autoimmune diseases may manifest after a stressful event such as a divorce, an accident, and a death in the family.

Exposure to toxins: The immune system is also responsible for dealing with toxins. Long term exposure to high levels of toxins wears out the immune system. This causes Th-2 cell over activation. 

In addition to the vast number of toxins in our food, water and environment, toxins come from poor digestion, leaky gut syndrome (usually caused by Candida), toxins in drugs and medicine like mercury in vaccines, and mycoplasma bacteria, candida and other fungi that produce mycotoxins, and other infectious pathogens that excrete toxins as a byproduct of their metabolism. 

One study by Dr. Dunstan concluded that a pesticide mutated bacteria in the guts was producing a potent pesticide-like toxin, which literally was poisoning the body. It’s like having a miniature ‘Raids’ factory in your guts. He found in a study done in Australia in the early 90’s that everyone with chronic fatigue had this toxin in them to some degree.

The worse the symptoms, the higher the levels. There was a direct connection between the quantity of this toxin and the severity of the disease. Even in the healthy control group, Dr. Dunstan found that 40% had this toxic chemical present in very small amounts. Obviously not enough to cause an illness, but still setting those people up for the possibility of developing an autoimmune illness in the future.

This is one reason why it makes sense to take top quality probiotics (friendly intestinal bacteria) that help keep bad bacteria under control.

Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. reports on his investigations, which lead to a somewhat similar conclusion:

“The invisible link was "biotoxins" - poisonous chemical compounds that travel with impunity through the human body. These tiny molecules shuttle from nerve to muscle to brain to sinus to G.I. tract and other organs in a continual circuit, while triggering the symptoms we define as ‘biotoxin-related illness.’

“As recent research clearly demonstrates, the compounds are manufactured by a growing number of microorganisms that have begun thriving in our ecosystem. .... They tell us, quite simply, that toxin-forming microorganisms have brought a new kind of disease into our world - a pathology in which bacteria, fungi, algae and other tiny organisms have "learned" how to manufacture toxins that linger on in the human body, long after the organisms themselves are dead. ...

“The pathogens may differ, but the biotoxins they produce all do their damage by setting off an "exaggerated inflammatory response" in humans. While hiding out in fatty tissues where blood-borne disease-fighters can't get at them, they ‘trick’ the body's immune system for fighting germs into launching attacks of inflammation in many organ systems, including joints, muscles, nerves and brain.”

To make it worse, some of these organisms apparently are manmade.

As part of germ warfare, and their form has been altered to make them more difficult for the body to defend against.

According to Dr. Paul Cheney, one of the top autoimmune doctors in the world, viruses, especially the herpes viruses, and some bacteria and mycoplasma, make proteins that mimic IL-10. 

This tricks the immune system into activating Th-2 cells instead of the Th-1 cells that are supposed to activate and kill these viruses. They trick the immune system into thinking that the threat is coming from the Th-2 side.

So the immune system shifts from the Th-1 mode that would attack the viruses or mycoplasma, to the Th-2 mode that does not. They increase their chances of survival by diverting the immune system. And literally initiate an autoimmune condition.

Infections are found in a very high percentage of people with autoimmune disease, often more than one type. The infections are bacterial, viral and/or from various types of mycoplasma. 

In some cases these infections are opportunistic. In other words they occur because the immune system has been wiped out and can’t fight off these infections.

The Th-1 side has become worn out. Or they may be the underlying cause of the malfunctioning immune system.

Donald Scott, based on historical research of government records, reports that a biological weapon, a mycoplasma disease agent, was tested years ago on unknowing US and Canadian populations. This included the Lake Tahoe area where Dr. Cheney first reported cases of CFS.

Donald says ex-servicemen who were working with this biological weapon during the Korean War told him that they were told it caused Multiple Sclerosis in a percentage of people.

And he says that records show it was given to Iraq during the 1980s to support their war against Iran, and was most likely used against US troops at the end of the Gulf War, perhaps causing the Gulf War Syndrome. Because it spreads through the air, he says everyone has been exposed to it.

Noted microbiologist, Garth Nicolson, who is said to be among the 100 most cited researchers in the world, found mycoplasma in approximately 50% of the people he tested who had Gulf War Syndrome, including his daughter. She came back with Gulf War Syndrome and both he and his wife also got it from her.

Quick use of antibiotics got them over it. He found that some of the mycoplasma contained an unusual gene sequence probably inserted by a laboratory. This would imply a biological weapon, so perhaps Donald Scott is right. You can read more about this at: www.whale.to/m/scott7.html.

Garth found that the mycoplasma do activate an immune response. They then hide from the immune system inside the immune system itself, in white blood cells. This makes them very hard to get rid of. The mycoplasma can cause infections deep within any organ.

The immune system ends up attacking cells that have mycoplasma in them, and can get “turned on” to attacking the host cells.

In further testing on other autoimmune diseases, Garth found similar levels of viral, bacterial and mycoplasma infections. These (and perhaps the fungi and other organisms Dr. Shoemaker speaks of) likely initiate the autoimmune response in many cases of CFS.

Mycoplasma can cause fatigue, pain and over-toxicity as they poison and disrupt the cells they have invaded. They produce potent toxins inside the cells they reside in. These toxins disrupt the energy production pathways so that infected cells cannot produce energy.

Mycoplasma also damage the immune system when they invade Natural Killer cells. This destruction renders the body susceptible to viruses.

High doses of antibiotics used for long periods of time, commonly a year or more, have had some success against mycoplasma, and some of the other bacteria and organisms that produce these toxins. But they have to be rotated to be successful and the longer you have had an illness, the less likely they will be successful.

Antibiotics aren’t perfect for killing mycoplasma because they can’t get into cells, which is where the mycoplasma resides. They can only kill mycoplasma after the cell bursts open, and the mycoplasma must find another cell. Antibiotics are unable to fight the numerous viral infections found in autoimmune conditions.

Let’s continue on with what happens in your body when you have an autoimmune situation.

This is what happens when Th-2 cells are activated and Th-1 cells are worn out

Dr. Cheney explains that your body’s only defense against pathogens (like viruses and mycoplasma) ends up being Th-2 side RNase L activity.

He explains that RNase L cannot kill pathogens. It can only stop them from reproducing. According to Cheney, "It's a line in the sand saying 'No more replication', and it waits for Th-1 to come and kill them. But Th-1 never comes. RNase L sits there and grinds away, possibly going up and down as the pathogens activate and reactivate. But they never get wiped out. RNase L holds the line, waiting for the cavalry that never arrives."

This RNase L activity causes big problems because...

While it is trying to hold the line it is, according to Cheney, inhibiting all the enzymes in the body, disrupting protein synthesis and generally making you miserable.

Even worse, as RNase L grinds away, it eventually shifts into "afterburner" desperation mode - a more powerful and deadly low molecular weight form. Research indicates that this form of RNase L is up to six times more destructive to enzymes and protein synthesis than the typical form.

What is supposed to happen when a healthy person encounters a virus or mycoplasma? The regular form of RNase L inhibits replication and then the immune system revs up and wipes them out. After that everything down-regulates, and they recover.

In an autoimmune situation, the RNase L activity shifts to a more destructive lower weight form, and does not shut off. It stays activated much longer, resulting in pronounced cellular metabolic dysfunction. 

Over activation of RNase L also affects the liver. Liver function declines because the enzymes used by the liver to detoxify toxins are being creamed by the activity of the aberrant RNase L.

When this happens, a person become susceptible to toxins. RNase L has wiped out the enzymes the liver needs to detoxify the body. The result is high levels of toxicity and that cause major problems in the body.

Liver dysfunction may also cause a Th-2 flare-up

Antibodies are produced by the Th-2 side to attack pathogens in the blood. Normally, the liver removes excess antibodies. However, when liver enzymes have been destroyed by RNase L activity, the liver may not be able to remove the excess antibodies. These antibodies then can attack cells in an autoimmune response.

Steroids and the immune response

As you can see, balancing the immune system so that it works the way it is supposed to is a fundamental need when you have an autoimmune condition.

When a doctor gives a person suffering from an autoimmune disease prednisone or another steroid, which most do, they are trying to turn off the immune system. Unfortunately, the success rate is low because they are using a poor tool.

Steroids don’t just turn down the Th-2 side - they also wipe out the Th-1 side. This side needs to be boosted, not depressed. Because unless the Th-1 side is brought up to normal, the Th-2 side will over activate. 

Both sides are always in a balance. If one is too low, the other will naturally be too high. It’s like a teeter-totter.

Clearly, putting the immune system back in balance, turning off the Th-2 activity and strengthening the Th-1 side is of primary importance. To do this you have to deal with the following:

1. Mycoplasma or viral or fungal or bacterial infections that may cause       it, which is viral infections in the case of multiple sclerosis.

2. The depleted enzyme levels caused by excess RNase L activity.

3. The toxicity that builds up in cells when the liver and the cells               themselves can no longer get rid of toxins.

Autoimmune Disease Discussion Wrap-Up

I am not a doctor, nor am I a health care practitioner. I am a compiler, taking information on autoimmune diseases and putting it in a form that makes sense to me, and that I hope, has made them a little more understandable to you. 

Hopefully this report has given you enough information about autoimmune diseases, in particular Multiple Sclerosis, so you can make more informed decisions about the best way of dealing with one, and take charge of your health.

Researchers now believe that the damage caused by Multiple Sclerosis may occur early in the progression of the disorder. The early you begin to address the condition, the more likely you are to decrease the injury to the nervous system.

How To Overcome Multiple Sclerosis


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