Help For Muscular Dystrophy

The muscular dystrophies are a class of diseases that are believed to be genetic in origin. They affect skeletal muscles and often also heart muscle.

Symptoms include muscle weakness and progressive muscle wasting. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), the most common and a very severe form of the disease, is caused by a genetic trait which prevents the production of dystrophin, a protein necessary for muscle growth and health.  Without dystrophin, muscles are fragile and are easily damaged.

Over time, so much damage builds up that the body can’t repair it and muscles waste away, causing progressive disability.

Muscle tissue is formed from bundles of muscle fibre cells, but muscles also contain many other types of cells, including stem cells. Stem cells are part of the body’s inbuilt repair system.

Stem cells can generate other types of cells and can also make copies of themselves. Skeletal muscles contain a type of stem cell called satellite cells. When muscle fibres are damaged they send chemical signals to satellite cells telling them to form new muscle fibres or to fuse with existing fibres to repair the damage.

At the same time, some satellite cells copy themselves to ensure enough stem cells are available to continue to repair and replace muscle fibres for the next time they are needed.

In the case of MD, muscle fibers do not repair themselves.
The current thinking is that because the muscles are constantly damaged in DMD the repair burden placed on satellite cells is so big that they become exhausted and lose their ability to copy themselves. Satellite cells are essential for muscle repair so as the number of these cells decreases, the muscle becomes less and less able to repair itself. Instead damaged muscle fibres are replaced by fat cells and scar tissue, weakening the muscle until it can no longer work effectively.

Right now there is no cure for DMD but there is on going research in the area of stem cells which looks promising. Treatments aim to strengthen patients’ muscles and reduce some of the symptoms of the disease.

Steroids are routinely used to slow down muscle wasting but they have many side effects, including weakening of bones leading to osteoporosis. Physiotherapy may help to maintain muscle strength and flexibility for a time. Researchers are hoping that, in the future, they may be able to repair or replace damaged muscle fibres using different strategies, including transplantation of dystrophin-producing cells to restoring muscle function.

While this research is ongoing, some products out there could help to strengthen the basic muscle building system. Here are some that we have found:

  The products are listed in order of importance but for dealing with a complex issue like MD, you need to try and take at least the top three, and all would be best. It should take less than a month to start seeing some improvement but will take up to a full year to see significant results.

Suggested Products
Quantities are for an adult.

I'm listing these in order of overall importance, but they all should be used if possible.

3 bottles a month Optimal Immune I and II   Supports liver function too and overall health repair. Will be great for MD.

3 containers per month Fulvitea    (powder)  Rebuilding and Revitalizing the body with zero energy output -

One of the common characteristics of a body in distress is that the energy required to recover is no longer available. Fulvitea provides energy without taxing your system - making it the perfect choice for recuperation. It's an all-natural essential protein food supplement that is fully absorbable when added to your preferred beverage.

Within a blend of 30 vitamins, organic herbs and critical antioxidants, Fulvitea delivers therapeutic levels of:
    *    Predigested peptide proteins - for tissue repair
    *    Nutraflora - speeding recovery
    *    D-Ribose - energy boosting
    *    Colostrum - immune fortifying
    *    Fulvic Acid powder - to improve nutrient uptake

Fulvitea is one of the few products available which is designed to boost recovery and support system-wide repair of everything from liver damage to tendon repair - whatever your body needs to use it for. Its all-natural, energy-boosting nutrients are designed for rapid absorption and immediate delivery. It is a powdered blend containing Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen from wild Atlantic white fish (with undetectable mercury levels) which provides the major building material for growth, repair and maintenance of skin, ligaments, bones, nails and hair.

4 bottles a month of Quzu (Liquid) This is another frequency enhanced elixir. Quzu is supercharged to explode endorphin production, to increase glutathione production and absorption into cells, and to increase cellular life force vibrations per minute. This combination makes it a powerful immune system booster and toxin neutralizer and stimulates regeneration of cells.

3 bottles a month ESME version A   (Liquid) This is an energized super mineral elixir that is a top cellular regeneration supplement. The combination of the special mineral and trace mineral concentrate in a structured water --  is energized to promote cell regeneration. And it supports of overall health of your body, giving you more energy.

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