Post Polio Syndrome

Post polio syndrome is is a viral disease that can affect nerves and can lead to partial or full paralysis. Below is a group of products to fight off the virus, improve the immune system, and stimulate cellular healing.

2 bottles a month of Ronuv for 3 months to kill the viruses still causing problems

2 bottles a month of YouthVital! for at least a year to stimulate healing

2 bottles a month of OxyDHQ for 3 months. Works synergistically with Ronuv to kill viruses and other pathogens.

2 bottles a month of CSE for 6 months for cellular detoxification, increasing nutrient absorption into cells for repair, and helps kill pathogens too.

4 bottles a month of Sattuv for 6 months. The energies in this stimulate repair of neural pathways and brain cells. And creation of new neural pathways if they can't be repaired.

4 bottles a month of SuperPro CoQ10 Max for 6 months Works in a different way to help the mitochondria in cells produce more energy, which will enable them to repair themselves.

Product Information:

Ronuv is a low deuterium water, reduced to 25 parts per million of deuterium, that has been frequency enhanced with numerous subtle vibrational energies to supercharge it's benefits. When used in small amounts, Ronuv stimulates the release of deuterium by the cells in the body.

Cells that are not producing most of their energy aerobically will have accumulated more deuterium and release more deuterium. And damaged cells with pathogens in them are also likely to be releasing more deuterium.

The deuterium interacts with water molecules and free radicals to create oxygen. Because poorly functioning, damaged, cells tend to have more free deuterium in them, the oxygen creating process is targeted to these cells.

This makes Ronuv our strongest pathogen fighter for small pathogens -- in addition to helping deal with cells producing energy primarily with anaerobic fermentation. Works synergistically with OxyDHQ and Custom Elixir OXY.

Ingredients: Frequency enhanced low deuterium water 25 ppm. potentized with a proprietary blend of the following elixirs: Azovin, Corvix, Cosmic Elixir, Custom Elixir OXY, Custom Elixir pH, Custom Elixir VPM, InLightEner Elixir, Klivina Trem, Q DNA, Q ENC, Q ISC, Q RME, Quantum X, Quanzor, Rainbow Elixir, Siva Elixir, Surozyme, and Zernix.

YouthVital! replaces Custom Elixir HGH as it is equivalent to using 6 bottles a month of Custom Elixir HGH. YouthVital is a frequency enhanced water elixir with energies that instruct your body to increase growth hormone levels. These energies are stabilized and concentrated using our proprietary QVF technology.

The great advantage of using YouthVital! to increase human growth hormones (hgh) is that your body does not become dependent on external hormone supplementation. So it happens naturally, without using actual hormones with which you can overdose.

As you increase growth hormone levels, your body will be better able to repair damage. Growth hormones turn on the repair process, revitalize body systems, improve oxygen transfer and more. If your levels are low, and they decrease the older you get, it becomes more difficult to heal wounds or broken bones.

The pituitary gland produces plenty of human growth hormone -- even as we age. However, as we age, the pituitary gland doesn't release as much growth hormone as it once did. By age 60, we have about 80% LESS growth hormones then we had at age 25.

YouthVital! provides the best and safest way we have yet seen to increase these levels of the human growth hormone. It instructs the pituitary gland to release that growth hormone. And it does better than any other supplement on the market. It can be combined with other supplements if you like.

Do not use if you have cancer. It does not cause cancer, but it could accelerate the growth of cancer cells just like it accelerates the repair of your injured cells. Normally only one bottle a month is used, but two per month can be used to more quickly increase growth hormone levels. Ingredients: Frequency Enhanced Water

OxyDHQ is a bit stronger than the original OxyE, OxyDHQ is fortified with 15% sea-ormus, 84 minerals, 39 enzymes, dissolved oxygen (from D2So4 in solution at 6%), DHQ (Dihydroquercetin from Siberian Larch) and Vitamin C.

In the body, OxyDHQ stimulates the on-going process of oxidation and reduction. During this process, the release of free oxygen and hydrogen will help stabilize toxic elements in the body by polar-bonding and electrical charge. The toxins are then soluble and can be eliminated by the body.

OxyDHQ assists in bringing the pH level to a neutral 7 as well. We suggest using OCMP along with the OxyDHQ as, it helps get even more oxygen into cells, and also works on pH. OxyDHQ also works synergistically with BLA. A 4 oz bottle makes this more potent form of OxyE more cost-effective.

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: Purified water, Dissolved oxygen (From D2SO4 & Hydrogen Sulphate in solution) Seawater extract, Dihydroquercetin (DHQ from Siberian Larch) Enzyme blend, Vitamin C.

The fundamental set of instructions CSE has interacts with the water in the body, causing a reduction in the size of the clusters of the water. This reduction in size has several benefits for overall health and for fighting cancer. Circulation would improve slightly and fluids can travel further along tiny capillaries. Even the lymph system should flow a little better. while at the same time supporting the health of all normal cells and friendly bacteria.
Ingredient: Frequency Enhanced Purified Water 2 oz

This energized frequency enhanced water elixir transfers instructions to your body, telling it to optimize brain function -- especially with regard to speech. One of a kind proprietary technology is used to concentrate instructions to the body and brain in Sattuv. When you consume small amounts of this energy infused water, those instructions are then communicated to your cells in a form they can understand, energetic vibrations similar to light or nerve impulses.

The instructions focus on improving and creating speech neural pathways which take the place of damaged speech neural pathways. They also instruct the body to turn on and accelerate the repair process to reverse brain and nerve cell damage -- whether it is caused by injury, stroke, toxins, bacteria or viruses. Use 1 to 4 bottles a month for as long as improvements are continuing. Ingredients: Frequency Enhanced Water, Organic Orange and Rosemary oils

SuperPro CoQ10 Max Super ProCoQ10-Max is the new standard in CoQ10 supplements. The solubility and absorbability of CoQ10 in Super ProCoQ10 is increased by the addition of esters, making it much more bioavailable. Human trials show that taking ProCoQ10 results in 18 times higher serum levels of CoQ10 than the same amount of standard CoQ10. These trials also show that, at just 30 mg per day, ProCoQ10 reduced daily DNA damage in humans by 51%. The amount of ProCoQ10 in Super ProCoQ10 is 200 mg per capsule.

Each Super ProCoQ10-Max capsule provides 380mg Soluble Rice Bran Complex (SRBC) which is 100% usable and absorbable. It is completely digestible because only the soluble part of the stabilized rice germ and bran is used. When taking just one capsule you receive the equivalent nutrition of a pound of ordinary brown rice, without all the starch.

This nutritious Rice Complex strongly supports maximum absorption of ProCoQ10 - and further enhances its far-ranging benefits. It provides a broad range of antioxidants including tocotrienols, which have been found to be 6000 times more effective than vitamin E. It also supplies natural B-Vitamins that boost energy, stamina and help stabilize blood sugar. It is a natural source of Alpha Lipoic Acid, and IP6. This further supports the protection of mitochondria and improves cellular energy.

30 capsules per bottle. Up to 7 capsules per day may be used for therapeutic needs. Normal dosage is one capsule per day.

Ingredients (per capsule): Soluble Rice Complex Concentrate 380 mg, ProCoQ10 200 mg, Aulterra trace mineral concentrate 10 mg, Niacin 4 mg, Lithium (from Lithium Orotate) 2.5 mg, Selenomethionine 1 mg


Most of these supplement suggestions are unique and hard to find. There is one source that supplies them all - and can answer any questions you may have.
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They have information on all of the supplements talked about here and many more. You can also go directly to their shopping cart to order any of these health products.


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