The Truth About BPH and Your Swollen Prostate

Most BPH Remedies Work Poorly at Best Because They Are Targeting The Wrong Issues... Learn What Can Help

I started taking ESME Prostrate on October 25, 2019 and have been on it now for 18 days. When I first started I was getting up six plus times in the night to use the bathroom. The last three nights, only once. I have been taking ESME three time daily on any empty stomach and have 1 1/2 bottles left. It appears that my libido has also improved.

"On Thursday, November 28th, it will be 5 weeks since I started taking ESME Prostate. I have used three bottles and am very happy to report that this product far exceeds what I was expecting. The price I paid was well worth it and I did not skimp on my doses.  I am still only getting up once during the night and am sleeping far better than a month ago. My libido has greatly increased and I plan to use two bottles for December and January and then drop back to 1 bottle per month for whatever time you recommend. As far as I am concerned, every Urologist and Doctor should be made aware of this product because Flo max and their other prescriptions are garbage compared to ESME Prostate." Bob C.

It's not often that you read testimonies like the one above when it comes to reducing swollen prostate size and relieving those nagging symptoms. Of course some of the time this lack of success is caused by poor quality herbal formulations that just don't work.

However, the truth of the matter is that most swollen prostate formulations and BPH medicines don't work well because they are barking up the wrong tree. They are causing an action in your body that may help you have just moderate improvement at best. On the whole, they do not address the underlying issues that causes BPH and a swollen prostate. Here's why.

Most natural prostate remedies feature herbs such as saw palmetto, beta sitosterol, Pygeum africanum, pumpkin seeds and vitamin B6. These vitamins and herbs reduce DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels in your body. The drugs Avodart and Proscar also reduce DHT levels as they are 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. Basically, reducing DHT levels is the fundamental action taken by all prostate formulations and medicines.

Unfortunately, they've got it all wrong. While it is possible to see some improvement using these herbs and drugs, there is some good research showing that they fundamentally are taking the wrong action.

If you have an enlarged or swollen prostate causing symptoms ranging from getting up too often at night to urinate, to decreased urine flow, to pain and discomfort, you are not alone.

An enlarged prostate, described medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is so common it seems to be a natural part of aging. In fact, the American Urological Association reports that by age 60 over half of all men have BPH. The percentage of men the age of 85 that have BPH is a staggering 90%.

As you know if you've been dealing with a swollen prostate for years, far too often herbs and potions, drugs and surgeries, don’t work effectively. As a case in point, if they were effective, 90% of the men aged 85 wouldn’t suffer from an enlarged prostate.

We used to feel that the lack of effectiveness of the typical solutions to BPH was a result of them not doing their job well. But new information lead us to realize that this lack of effectiveness is caused by the fact that these herbs and medicines aren't targeting the real causes of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

According to this research, the major cause of a swollen prostate is not excess DHT. So reducing DHT levels, which is what the herbal formulators and your doctor are trying to do, works poorly.

We used to believe the same thing. The thinking goes like this:

After about age 40, more of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase is produced by men. This enzyme converts testosterone, which we all would like to have as we age, to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. As men age, DHT levels tend to rise because of this increased enzyme production.

The argument goes that this increase elevates DHT levels which then causes the prostate to increase in size. Thus these higher DHT levels are one of the major causes of enlarged prostates.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking is just not correct.

The majority of men suffering from enlarged prostates do not have their BPH issues solved by taking herbal formulas featuring Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, pumpkin seeds and other herbs -- all of them block the formation of DHT or inhibit its binding to cell receptors in the prostate. And it's not because they don't work effectively -- as we once thought.

It's because they do the wrong thing by focusing on reducing DHT levels. It's not that reducing DHT levels can't help. It can. But the action is, on the whole, ineffective.

Worse still, reducing DHT levels will compromise your virility and sex drive.

(After all, there must be a reason that every male starts producing more DHT after age 40. You need more!)

Unfortunately, virtually every prostate formula on the market features herbs that reduce DHT production. As do Avodart and Proscar. In fact, as the prescription meds do an even a better job of shutting down DHT production, using them kills your sex drive even more than the supplements do.

Spending money on supplements and medicines that don't do a good job of doing much of anything other than reducing your sex drive is not what you want to be spending your money on.

(The other way some pharmaceutical drugs work is to try and increase urine flow with beta blockers that relax the muscles, thus helping to improve flow in some cases. This does nothing to correct the underlying issues causing a swollen prostate.)

In addition to DHT reducing herbs and vitamins, natural prostate formulas often include some antioxidants, some anti-inflammatory herbs, maybe minerals shown to be important to prostate health, even herbs that fight infections.

Another issue. The formulas I've investigated contain rather poor infection fighters. Unfortunately, aside from infections, these aren't the major, or correct, issues that need to be dealt with when the prostate is formed.

So, for the majority of men, the medicines and the natural herbal formulas work poorly. As the extremely high percentage of men suffering from BPH or a swollen prostate shows, they fundamentally DON'T get the job done. And unfortunately, as a side effect of reducing DHT, bring down your sex drive.

It may seem strange to you that most everyone, at least in the USA, is doing the same wrong thing. But it takes a while for change to happen, even where there is…..

Research and clinical use showing that elevated DHT levels are not the real cause of BPH.

It's not that you can't get some improvement by reducing DHT levels. There is plenty of research showing that you can. But doing so prevents you from dealing with the the actual cause of BPH hormonally, which is entirely in another direction.

In addition, these herbal remedies and all medications fail to deal with a second major issue that may be the underlying cause about a quarter of the time. And do a poor job on dealing with the infection issue too. So….

Here's the truth about what causes most cases of BPH or a swollen prostate -- in prostates not swollen because of cancer.

(The development of cancer in the prostate may be actually related to these causes, but the solution must also include knocking out the cancer. will start you on the road of what to do if your swollen prostate is caused by cancer.)

The 3 Causes Of A Swollen Prostate -- Which to your detriment, virtually all prostate remedies FAIL to deal with

Cause #1: Hormonal Issues. Most likely the main cause of your prostate swelling (and implicated when cancer is involved).

Cause #2: Infections. Not as likely the cause of your swollen prostate, but certainly possible.

Cause #3: Back-flow of concentrated testosterone into the prostate. Responsible for about 25% of the cases of prostate swelling.

And of course, the more of these causes that effect you, the worse your swollen prostate will be, and the harder to get rid of it.

Let's go over each of these in turn. You won't be able to eliminate your swollen prostate symptoms if you aren't dealing with the right issues.

Cause #1: Hormones. Too High DHT is NOT the Problem. Too Low DHT IS

Below some excerpts frame a very interesting article by Mike Mahler. It will change the way you think about DHT -- and get you on the right track -- when using our suggested remedy, to both stopping those trips to the bathroom and improving your sex drive too.

"According to Ori Hofmekler, (author of Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat) ...some researchers consider testosterone merely a pro-hormone because of its relatively weak actions compared to other androgens, in particular DHT. Ori further describes DHT as ...the final word on the male androgen chain and ...the king of all male hormones.

"So how much stronger is DHT when compared to testosterone? Ten times stronger, Hofmekler writes. According to Buhner, DHT shows ten times the androgen receptor uptake of testosterone but significantly, unlike testosterone, DHT isn't converted into estrogen. Even better, DHT actually blocks the aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogens. Thus, in addition to being stronger than testosterone, DHT is a potent aromatase inhibitor.

"Physicians commonly blame DHT as the primary cause of prostate enlargement but deeper analysis indicates the androgen-to-estrogen balance, along with overall androgen ratios, is the key factor with prostate issues.

According to Jonathan Wright, M.D. (Maximize Your Vitality And Potency) the balance of DHT and 4-androstenedione [the precursor of both testosterone and estrogen] should be 1:1..

"In addition to not being a cause of prostate issues, DHT may actually help shrink enlarged prostates. In France, DHT creams are often prescribed to men with enlarged prostates. Therapeutic DHT can improve the androgen-to-estrogen ratio--without the risk of converting to unwanted estrogens.

According to Harrod Buhner: Estradiol--but not DHT--has been found to act with SHBG to cause an eightfold increase in intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in human BPH tissue, which causes increased growth of the prostate.

In other words, in cases of enlarged prostate, estrogen is the likely culprit. Here's Ori Hofmekler on the same topic:

"When estrogen is present in excess in a male, it has been shown to cause feminization of the body and metabolic disorders including the enlargement of the prostate.

Yet men with prostate issues are typically prescribed medications to block DHT and testosterone under the notion that this will adequately address prostate issues. Not only it this ineffective, it's a sure-fire method of turning a man into a eunuch. Men feel their best when testosterone, DHT, androstenedione, and DHEA levels are optimized, thus lowering androgen levels….

"In addition to naturally high levels of DHT not being the culprit for prostates issues, some clinical trials have revealed that even men who take large does of supplemental DHT do not develop any prostate issues. In his book, Buhner cites several clinical trials showing DHT supplementation doesn't contribute to prostate enlargement. In one clinical trial, subjects applied a topical gel containing 70 milligrams of DHT but follow-up Prostatic-Specific Antigen (PSA) test numbers, a common blood test for prostate disease, did not increase. Furthermore, test subjects actually developed stronger urine streams, a clinical sign of prostate shrinkage.

In addition to its role in prostate health, DHT is an incredible mood booster and nervine [has a beneficial effect on the nervous system]. The brain relies on sex hormones, such as DHEA, testosterone, DHT and estrogen, for optimal functioning, but of all these steroid compounds, DHT reigns supreme.

Buhner claims that DHT is more important for brain health than even testosterone. Where testosterone’s neural impact subsides after a few hours, DHT’s neural effect can last up to twenty-four hours.

In short, optimal DHT levels amount to a better sex life, better mood, and better progress with your strength and conditioning program. Further, studies show DHT helps regulate cholesterol levels and improves body composition."

In other words, typical prostate formulas including every herbal supplement advertised on the internet, feature Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Africanum, Pumpkin Seed, or Vitamin B6 because they, in one way or another, reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

They are used because of the mistaken belief (except in France it seems) that excessive DHT is the problem while in fact low DHT levels and excessive estrogen are the culprit when hormonal issues cause BPH.

Now why, you may ask, if this is true, is everyone including your doctor, telling you excessive DHT levels is the problem. Primarily this is because there has been a lot of research showing that you can reduce the symptoms of a swollen prostate by reducing DHT levels. It's a little effective, but not greatly effective. This research drives the sales of all those herbal formulas and medicines that reduce DHT levels.

Even though if you examine this issue more deeply, what becomes clear is that you can deal more effectively with a swollen prostate if you increase DHT levels and balance out all sex hormone levels. However, for manufacturers, it is much easier to sell something that everyone else is selling than it is to go against the trend -- even if going against the trend will produce much better results.

And why doesn't your doctor have this information? To put it simply, the drug companies haven't come up with a drug that increases DHT while balancing the hormones in general.

So your doctor doesn't know about it. It's like this; there is a huge market for anti-acid drugs. They are what your doctor recommends. Yet, every alternative MD and holistic health practitioner knows, and will tell you, that excessive acid production is almost never the problem.

The problem is most often caused by low acid production or candida overgrowth fermenting food in the stomach. So what your doctor has you do may alleviate the symptoms somewhat, but it isn't dealing with the underlying issue. In fact, it is contributing to the underlying cause of the acid reflux. This is ideal for the drug companies because then users of these anti-acid drugs and pumps have to keep using the drugs because they never get better.

Something similar is happening with all the prostate remedies and medicines -- all of them focusing on reducing DHT levels. They fundamentally do the wrong thing. Reducing DHT levels can help with swollen prostate symptoms, but it won't clear up the problem as it is the absolute wrong action. So you have to keep using them. Perfect from a marketing prospective.

Again, if you've been taking supplements that reduce DHT levels, you've been doing the wrong thing. You need to be increasing DHT levels, not decreasing them. Plus balancing DHT with 4-androstenedione hormone levels. Doing so will help you reduce elevated estrogen levels because DHT does not convert to estrogen.

High estrogen levels do more than make you effeminate. They cause your prostate to swell.

Testosterone is converted to estrogen by aromatase enzymes.. If you reduce aromatase enzymes levels and increase the conversion of testosterone to DHT, you'll boost your virility, and reduce the size of your swollen prostate if the cause of that swelling is hormonal.

Research shows that men age 50 now have as much or more estrogen as 50 year old women. We pick up estrogen from the environment and foods.

There are estrogen like chemicals in detergents, personal care products, water bottles, cans of food (the lining of the metal is plastic), air fresheners, paints, and many more. Plus there is hidden estrogen and other hormones in food. Commercially raised meat production loads up the animals with hormones to speed up their growth. And soy, which is put in many health products, tends to produce estrogen.

Finally, as we age we tend to put on more fat cells. These fat cells produce aromatase enzymes which turn testosterone into the most powerful form of estrogen, estradiol. All this estrogen is a major cause of your swollen prostate.

A nutrient in many vegetables, DIM, helps to convert estrogen into a form that will stimulate testosterone release in the bloodstream. All to the good, though not so good that it is dealing with this issue effectively. And unfortunately, it is usually coupled with all these other herbs that cause exactly the wrong action in your body, reducing levels of DHT, which doesn't covert to estrogen, and increasing testosterone levels which does convert to estrogen.

There's more to dealing with a swollen prostate. About half the time, two other issues are also involved. Prostate supplements deal marginally with one issue, and not at all with the other.

Cause #2: Prostate Infections Cause Inflammation And Swelling

Prostatitis is the name for an inflamed prostate that is swollen because it has an infection in it. Most of the time this infection will be bacterial, but it can be a candida caused fungal infection, virus infection, or even caused by mycoplasma.

When doctors are not sure if a rising PSA and other symptoms of a swollen prostate are caused by cancer, they may put you on a course of antibiotics to see if this takes care of the issue. If it does, great, that means the issue was caused by a bacterial infection.

If it does not improve, then there is a possibility that cancer or other pathogens are involved. Though, of course, it could also be either of the other two causes we cover in this report.

In fact, most of the time an infection is not the issue, and the antibiotics were a mistake to have used. Antibiotic use can lead to chronic candida overgrowth as antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria in the intestines. This allows candida yeast/fungus to overgrow and eventually spread throughout the body.

If you've had a number of courses of antibiotics, you need to also check and see if you have candida overgrowth. It can lead to a host of debilitating symptoms and eventually even to cancer. To learn more about this issue and a free and easy home test to determine if you have candida yeast overgrowth, go to:

Sometimes it really is a bacterial infection that is the main cause of your swollen prostate. However, if the course of antibiotics does not completely get rid of the infection, it could be that there is not enough circulation getting to the prostate, so the antibiotic is not driven deep into it.

To prevent this and to improve overall prostate and sexual functioning, using the Prostate Cradle, as a passive and inexpensive prostate massager, is an excellent way to increase this circulation and optimize prostate and sexual health.

The Prostate Cradle may also work to release swelling and pain that is caused by the trigger points in the pelvis floor. This would be much less invasive, and much much less expensive, than going to trigger point therapists or getting the trigger point wand. It wouldn't be quite as effective, but it would help.

More importantly, as the Prostate Cradle increases circulation to the prostate, more nutrients are able to be carried to the prostate, more toxins can be removed, and any supplement you take to support the prostate would work better.

If the infection is a bacterial infection, modern medicine works most of the time by prescribing antibiotics. If the infection is fungal, viral, or an antibiotic resistant infection, then antibiotics won't work. And of course, antibiotics would be completely useless and the wrong thing to use, when an infection is not the issue.

If an infection is the issue, the unfortunate truth is that while the natural prostate formulations being sold on the internet, in stores, or through direct mail reports may mention infections as part of their action, their ingredients actually have few, if any, infection fighters.

The ones they do supply, when they actually supply any, are relatively ineffective and in too small of doses to deal with a infection major enough to cause prostate swelling.

This third cause your doctor should know about, but won't, as the research on this is fairly recent.

Cause #3 Back-flow Of Testosterone Into The Prostate

Researchers in Israel discovered that poorly functioning valves in your veins can cause a 100 fold increase in the amount of testosterone hitting your prostate.

Testosterone moves into circulation in your blood by going through the spermatic vein, being pushed up by blood flow to the inferior vena cava near the kidneys. Once there, this concentration of testosterone is mixed into and thus diluted into the entire blood supply in your body. In addition, at this point 98% of it gets bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

This leaves only a tiny fraction of free testosterone, which is the active testosterone, that is carried to your prostate.

Your testicles secrete this testosterone. They are a long way below the vena cava so the testosterone has to be pushed up to the level of your kidneys, about 35 cm to 40 cm.

To keep the blood from flowing back down because of the pull of gravity, the veins carrying the testosterone have a series of one-way valves to prevent back-flow.

As you age, these valves often don’t work efficiently and start to malfunction. This allows gravity to pull the blood back down and the testosterone fails to reach the vena cava.

When this happens, the blood carrying the testosterone is shunted to collateral veins that carry the blood through alternative routes. Unfortunately, one of those routes goes to your prostate.

Some researchers say that nearly 75% of men age 70 have poor functioning vein valves, and some of these valves may be in the veins that transport testosterone to the vena cava.

This causes concentrated testosterone to be routed through the prostate. Taller men are more affected, as the blood has farther to travel, creating greater downward pressure. Swollen prostates don't normally occur in four-legged animals because their testicular drainage is horizontal, not vertical so they don’t need valves in their spermatic veins.

This blood coming from your testicles carries as much as 130 times the concentration of testosterone as would normally be reaching your prostate when the valves are working. What’s worse, virtually all of it is “free,” unbound, fully active testosterone. All this testosterone throws your hormones way out of balance -- one of the causes of BPH.

And as some of this testosterone will be converted into estrogen, you'll end up with higher estrogen production, which will, as you have read, cause BPH and a swollen prostate. It can even lead to prostate cancer. Blood levels of testosterone could still test as deficient. It is in the prostate itself that these high levels happen.

The Israeli researchers measured hydrostatic pressure and prostate volume, and PSA scores on 72 men with prostate cancer. All of them tested as having higher hydrostatic pressure which meant that their vein valves were not functioning properly.

The researchers reasoned that cutting out the collateral circulation to the prostate might help. They used sclerosing (closing veins with scarring substances) therapy to the veins in the scrotal cavity eliminating back-flow to the prostate glands. The results confirmed their theory. Six months after treatment, PSA levels declined, and prostate volume shrank an average of 36 ml. Most effective.

You can certainly ask your doctor to check you on this issue. A doctor can often (but not always) find malfunctioning valves with a physical examination.

It may be better to go to your urologist, since a physical exam can miss it and you might need something like an ultrasound to detect any malfunctioning valves in the spermatic vein. If you do have them, you can ask your doctor to perform sclerosing on the veins going to the scrotal cavity. I

f you have a persistent case of BPH that hasn't improved, this could be the issue. It may be expensive, as this procedure would be so new that it is doubtful whether insurance or medicare would cover it.

So, If You Haven't Been Able To Completely Eliminate, Or Even Improve, Swollen Prostate and BPH Symptoms, It's No Wonder!

The herbs, prostate supplements, and medicines focus on reducing DHT levels -- exactly the wrong thing to be doing -- though this action can produce some improvement, it won't take care of the problem. The natural supplements contain few, if any, infection fighters - not enough to be effective if an infection is the major issue, but maybe enough to help just a bit.

As we age, it is rare that an infection is the only issue causing your swollen prostate. One way or another, hormones are most likely involved too.

And none of them help in any way with a back flow issue.

For the supplement companies and the drug companies, focusing on DHT levels turns out to be a perfect solution for getting you to buy their supplement on an ongoing longterm basis.

By focusing on DHT, your prostate problems are likely to improve a little. Probably even enough to keep you using them regularly and long term. Because your swollen prostate doesn't fully go away and so you keep using these supplements or drugs to get what improvement you can.

But it's not so perfect for you. Your problems don't go away. And you may end up using (and paying for) products or drugs again and again while all the time still suffering to some extent or the other with symptoms from your swollen prostate.

A solution that a naturopath or doctor who is aware of the out of balance hormonal, too much estrogen issue might suggest, is to do a full hormone panel and then supplement with the (bio-identical) hormones you need.

The drawback with this solution is two-fold. It would be quite expensive, even for the testing. And secondly, there is a major problem with taking hormones. Doing so makes your body lazy about making those hormones -- so it reduces production of them, and you are stuck using the supplemental hormones long term.

Plus, when you supplement with hormones, it is easy for your hormones to get out of balance. So you need to retest your hormonal levels, and readjust hormone intake frequently.

In my research into this issue, I've found two unusual solutions that address all the possible causes of BPH or a swollen prostate. One of them BioVibe, is no longer available.

At least not with the proper energetics needed to address the hormonal and vein issues. Fortunately, an even better elixir is now available that has been optimized to work on all three of these issues -- plus provide a host of other health benefits.  Its name is….

ESME Prostate

ESME Prostate is an energized with instructions mineral concentrate that deals with all the issues that can cause a swollen prostate. These instructions work very well. It seems that as much as 75% of the time, results are excellent. Here are just a couple of testimonies.


"...also, I am reporting that your ESME Prostate has been quite helpful,............"
Paul G.

"I am taking ESME Prostate for about 10 month, once a day, 1 whole dropper. I got full result after about 8 months. Urinating returned to full, at night or day. Maybe if I would use it twice a day, result will be at faster pace. Recommend every man at certain age as early prophylactic step as well."
Oleg F.   (He was using less than half a bottle a month dose, much less that suggested, so it did take Oleg longer than usual to improve.)

ESME (Energized Super Mineral Elixir) is derived from four life supporting technologies that at a fundamental level work to boost cellular hydration by delivering into cells a supercharged formulation of potent minerals and trace minerals in their most bio-available form. 

This is valuable because modern life depletes the bio energetic systems in your body that are essential to vibrant health and longevity.

ESME contains pure sourced magnesium, calcium, potassium and a range of volcanic origin minerals, put into a structured water which has billions of electrons in excess of normal water. This combination forms billions of stable, charged molecules programmed to support cellular healing and thus improve your overall health in many different ways.

The mineral concentrate comes from volcanic tubes deep below a series of protected Hungarian healing hot springs. The minerals below these hot springs have been used for hundreds of years for revitalization and therapeutic healing.

These living minerals are then structured and naturally charged with billions of electrons, allowing for even deeper penetration and access to damaged tissues. 

This is done through use of a proprietary technology to make a water with many healing properties -- developed over 25 years ago. This water, on its own, has been used in health clinics internationally over this time period -- producing many health benefits.

In ESME, the volcanic mineral concentrate is structured into this special healing water charged with billions of additional electrons. This combination makes it much more powerful than either the minerals or the water on its own. 

It is also imbued with many healing energetic frequencies that are able to influence your body to a much greater degree than normal.

The minerals and  this specially processed water that make ESME act as the perfect catalyst -- enabling it to better transfer information encoded by these frequencies directly to your cells. This process has been able to support recovery from over 140 modern ailments based on feedback from the clinics. 

ESME Prostate may need to be used 4 to 6 months to deal with a swollen prostate. You don't have to keep taking it -- like you do all the other supplements for swollen prostate and BPH, because it deals with the underlying issues causing a swollen prostate. Those normal prostate formulas fail to effectively deal with a swollen prostate as they are going about it in the wrong way.

But you may want to continue using ESME Prostate because of the additional health improvements (and increase in virility) you noticed when using it.

And you certainly can do so. It is safe, and in fact quite good for your health, for you to use ESME Prostate as long as you want.

BioVibe was also a vibrational frequency-enhanced water elixir. I did not expect an energized water which essentially is delivering instructions and healing energies to your body, to have a high success rate in helping deal with a tough issue like BPH.

However, it proved to be very effective, and convinced me that the right energetic supplement, at least, can do wonders.

More than vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, more than pH, before a molecule of an herb or a food nutrient can play a role in facilitating human health, your cells are reliant upon electricity. Research has shown that the human body generates 3 volts of electricity.

This energy is used by the brain to send signals, by the heart to respond to stimuli, and by every cell in your body to communicate with each other. A drop in electrical activity is most noticeable in terminal patients that are "wasting away". 

To a much greater extent than BioVibe, ESME Prostate enhances and energizes your body's electrical activity and cellular communication because of the combination of minerals, electrons and special energetic frequencies it contains.

ESME Prostate fights prostate infections two ways.

First, the ability of your immune system to kill pathogens is improved. The minerals and electrons in ESME enable your immune system cells to work better, to have more energy. So they do a better job at fighting infections.

In other words, as ESME enhances the electrical interactions and communication between cells, your immune system response improves and you are better able to fight infections. ESME Prostate also delivers instructions to your immune system, turning on its pathogen killing abilities. 

Second, ESME Prostate kills bacteria and viruses on its own. The combination of minerals, electrons and energetic frequencies can cause a dumping and removal of bad bacteria and viruses from your body. They are quite powerful in this regard. In addition, some of the energies it carries into your body directly disrupt and kill pathogens. 

Over the last 80 years, there has been much research documenting that pathogens (bad bacteria, viruses, fungus and mycoplasma) all operate at a low energetic level. In other words, the vibrational frequencies pathogens operate on are much weaker than the vibrational frequencies that healthy cells have.

ESME Prostate contains energies that will disrupt these weak, low level energetic vibrations that pathogens contain -- and disrupts them to such an extent that the pathogens die. 

ESME Prostate Is Super Charged With BPH Busting -- Manhood Boosting Instructions

Compared to all the other prostate supplements, ESME Prostate is much much better in three ways.

1. Optimizing Hormonal Levels to Reduce BPH and Your Enlarged Prostate

ESME Prostate is supercharged using unique, proprietary laser based and gem activated technology. This technology concentrates and stabilizes into ESME the subtle vibration frequencies of specific instructions to your body that are put in the unit along with the bottles of ESME.

ESME carries these instructions into your body when you consume small amounts of it. The cells in your body understand and respond to the energetic frequencies it delivers to your body. This technology and process is used in many products to deliver specific energetic instructions to the body.

And works extremely well -- based on a large amount of feedback from elixirs made with this technology -- including a number of hormone influencing elixirs that get excellent feedback.

ESME Prostate contains specific energetic frequencies that tell your body to optimize hormonal production. This includes, most importantly, instructions to optimize the levels of all sex hormones. So that you have the right balance of hormones, reducing ones that are too high, increasing any that are too low.

ESME Prostate tells your body to increase DHT production to optimal levels -- and to reduce estrogen levels.

So that you have more DHT, and less estrogen.

Just what you need to shrink a swollen prostate and reverse BPH. 

In fact, ESME Prostate increases production of, and instructs your body to optimize levels of, all major sex hormones: 4-androstenedione, DHEA, DHT and testosterone, while reducing the production of estrogen including the most powerful estrogen, the one you need reduced the most, estradiol.

Plus it tells your body to balance all sex hormones to optimal levels, including a 1 to 1 ratio for DHT and 4-androstenedione. Keeping this in balance protects you from developing prostate cancer.

Do you remember reading above how elevated levels of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate in prostate cells causes your prostate to swell? ESME Prostate contains instructions telling your body to reduce levels of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate in prostate cells. This action on its own could be enough to significantly decrease prostate size. 

Unfortunately, reducing the size of a swollen prostate cause by elevated levels of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate can take three months or a bit more before you start to notice a reduction in size.

If this is the cause of your swollen prostate, the results you experience using ESME Prostate will not happen near as fast as it may for other causes.

ESME Prostate tells your body to reduce production of the aromatase enzyme.

This is the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. As elevated estrogen both helps to cause a swollen prostate and to promote the development of prostate cancer, reducing estrogen levels by cutting down on the production of aromatase is vital to your good health. 

In more ways than you may think.

A recent study done on the effectiveness of using bio-identical testosterone in men had to be stopped early because the group getting the bio-identical testosterone had twice as many adverse cardiac events as the control group.

There were 23 such event in the testosterone group and only 5 in the control group over a six month period before they stopped the study.

The researchers already knew that low testosterone is not healthy. Both the group getting the bio-identical hormones and the control group had low testosterone levels. As a consequence of having low testosterone levels, half the men in both groups had cardiovascular disease. In addition, diabetes and hypertension were high in both groups. 

So what happened? Why did giving bio-identical testosterone to these men increase by a lot, the number of adverse cardiac events. It should have reduced the number of events as low testosterone was a major player in causing their cardiovascular disease.

Another study gives a clue as to what happened. 

It showed that testosterone therapy, giving bio-identical testosterone to men, increased their levels of estrogen. Both for young men and older men, but especially for older men. So why did this happen?

Turns out that as we age and put on a few extra pounds, this extra fat increases our production of aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

So the more testosterone you produce, or take, the more estrogen you end up with as this testosterone gets converted to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme.

Not only does this increase in estrogen cause adverse cardiac events, it also feminizes your body, reduces your sex drive, and causes you to develop BPH and a swollen prostate. 

ESME Prostate reduces estrogen levels three ways. 

1. It decreases conversion of testosterone to estrogen by telling your body to decrease production of aromatase. 

2. ESME Prostate increases conversion of testosterone to DHT. As DHT cannot be converted to estrogen, while testosterone can, estrogen levels decrease as DHT increases.

3. It directly tells your body to decrease estrogen levels. To monitor those levels and to keep them low.

Remember. Almost all prostate formulas being sold reduce your levels of DHT. By doing so they are actually making matters worse.

You need more DHT, not less. You need less estrogen. And if you reduce conversion of testosterone to DHT, which all these formulas do (anything that has saw palmetto does this, for example) you'll have more free testosterone in your system.

More free testosterone converts to more estrogen -- unless you reduce the amount of aromatase enzymes in your body -- which is precisely what ESME Prostate does.

2. Fighting Infections and Reducing Inflammation To Reduce Size of Swollen Prostate

Specific energies have been added to help ESME Prostate even more powerfully kill pathogens and reduce inflammation in the prostate. Instructions were added to ESME Prostate telling the body to reduce swelling and inflammation in a swollen prostate, and to turn on the ability of the immune system to fight infections.

The Th-1 part of the immune system -- the side responsible for fighting infections, is made more powerful while the Th-2 inflammatory side of the immune system is instructed to calm down. In addition, the body's overall ability to fight infections is instructed to be boosted.

3. Reducing the Spermatic Vein Back-flow To Help Reduce The Size of a Swollen Prostate

ESME Prostate is not going to correct this issue, but it can help mitigate the effects of this issue. In three ways. First it instructs the body to repair malfunctioning valves in the spermatic vein. Does this mean that the body will then be able to repair the valves well enough that they work normally again? Not likely. But most likely the body will be able to repair them to some extent -- and they will work a bit better.

Secondly, ESME Prostate instructs the body not to re-route flow from a back flowing spermatic vein through the prostate. Again, it is not likely that these instructions will influence the body enough to re-route all the flow, but maybe it could help re-route about a third of the flow.

Third. ESME Prostate also contains instructions telling the prostate cells not to utilize excess free testosterone. That's the excess testosterone that would be back flowing into the prostate if your spermatic vein valves are not functioning properly. As with the other instructions, this instruction is not going to prevent the prostate from using any excess testosterone, but it will prevent the utilization of some of this excess. And every bit helps.

No Prostate Formula Is As Effective As ESME Prostate

ESME Prostate is an improvement on the best prostate supplement we had ever seen. It deals with all the major issues that can cause a swollen prostate.

(To some extent or another, you may have all these issues. The worse your situation, the more likely you are dealing with multiple causes.)

If you have one of those monster cases of a hugely swollen prostate, then you will need to do more than the one bottle a month dosage.

If you don't notice some improvement in a week using the standard one bottle a month dosage, -- most likely you will notice improvement in that time frame -- then you need to do a double dose, using 2 bottles a month, probably for 2 months.

Then going down to one bottle a month for a few more months until your BPH and swollen prostate are a thing of the past. And it may be that it will take three months before you see improvement in some extreme cases.

Of course, you may appreciate the zing the increased levels of DHT and reduced levels of estrogen bring to your sex life. You don't have to stop using ESME Prostate. You can continue using it on a daily basis for as long as you want.

You don't have to take my word for ESME's effectiveness.
While our recommended supplier has a standard 90 day return policy on unopened bottles only, ESME Prostate works so well they give a special 30 day money back guarantee on your first order, whether you use one or two or even three bottles that first month. This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself how much ESME Prostate will help you. 

If you have a tough case, you may want to just get two bottles of ESME Prostate to start with. That way you’ll have enough for the first month if you have to do a double dose, and you'll save on shipping too.

Our recommended supplier for ESME Prostate, and currently the only place selling this is Get Healthy Again.

You can order direct from them online at

GetHealthyAgain - ESME Prostate

To order by phone: Call GetHealthyAgain at 1-800-832-9755 from the USA and Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand -- to place an order or to have them answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Call 001-616-719-1376 from outside the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Try ESME Prostate and see what it will do for you. It will work better than anything you have used before. Guaranteed!

Yes! I'm Ready To Take Care Of My Prostate And Improve My Sexual Vitality At The Same Time.

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