How To Significantly Improve, or Even Beat, Pulmonary Fibrosis

If you're one of five million people worldwide suffering with pulmonary fibrosis, you're undoubtedly searching for hope. Unfortunately, the medical profession projects a very bleak outlook to patients diagnosed with this disease. Small wonder. They have little to give that is at all effective in the fight.

We have been helping folks fight pulmonary fibrosis for 18 years. Over that period of time, we have seen that we can help early diagnosed pulmonary fibrosis resolve. And improve quality of life, halt the progression of many advanced stage cases. However, we have not seen scar tissue disappear, nor have we heard of it disappear, even through the use of enzymes like Neprinol our our favorite, PapayaPro.

So we were very excited to learn of research done at Yale, with mice, which was successfully dealing with scar tissue using an aerosol spray to get thyroid hormones into the lungs of mice with pulmonary fibrosis. These hormones stimulated cellular energy so that the cells could start to heal themselves. Not only did the scarring halt, but it eventually was going away and healthy cells were taking the place of scar tissue.

On this page we are going to cover all the possible causes of pulmonary fibrosis, and a slew of supplements that will all work together to help fight and perhaps even conquer this disease. But first, we are going to give you the short version of why it develops and what to do about it.

The scarring in the lungs when you have pulmonary fibrosis is caused by inflammation. This inflammation is a response of the body to either toxins or pathogens that have lodged in the lungs. Stop the inflammation and you stop further scarring.


The Three Fundamentals -- The Most Valuable Recommendations For Beating Pulmonary Fibrosis

2 bottles a month of Alka Super C

Alka Super C is an OH water concentrate with vitamin C electrons bonded to its OH water molecules. For Pulmonary Fibrosis, by far the best way to use Alka Super C is to breath it into your lungs using a nebulizer. The OH water will bind with acids and other toxins and help to pull them out of the lungs. The electrons will kill pathogens, zap toxins, and more importantly stimulate repair and regeneration in cells throughout the body. But especially so your lung cells when you nebulize Alka Super C.

When the OH water base of Alka Super C is breathed into the lungs, it binds with acids and toxins. This removes them from the lungs. This action allows more oxygen to get into lung cells. This will both improve breathing and stimulate healing in the lungs.

It will also reduce inflammation in the lungs. Inflammation is what causes the scarring and fibrosis in the first place. Stop this inflammation, and you stop further scarring.

The combination of vitamin C electrons bonded to specially processed OH water molecules enables Alka Super C to release massive amounts of electrons into cells. This significantly boosts the health of cells by increasing their voltage. This action greatly stimulates repair and regeneration of organs and cells.

The electrons also zap and kill pathogens including candida, And they eliminate toxins too. They will help repair the walls of the blood vessels, increasing arterial flexibility and reducing inflammation. Ordinary vitamin C supplements do not work in the same way that this does so the vitamin C supplement you may take does not substitute for Alka Super C. Only the name is similar….

Alka Super C has three actions that make it the most valuable supplement there is for helping heal Pulmonary Fibrosis.

A. Alka Super C does a great job of killing pathogens and eliminating toxins. Breathing it into your lungs will gradually eliminate the pathogens and toxins that stimulated, and are stimulating, the autoimmune response against your lungs. With pulmonary fibrosis, sometimes it is toxins stuck in the lungs that initiate the autoimmune response. With most other autoimmune diseases, pathogens are usually the only underlying cause.

B. Autoimmune diseases are inflammatory. It is inflammation that has damaged and continues to damage the cells in your lungs. Alka Super C is highly anti-inflammatory. It's base of OH water binds with acids and removes them from the body. The allows for more oxygen to get into the area where the acids have been removed. This action greatly reduces inflammation. The extra oxygen also stimulates repair and healing.

C. Alka Super C will stimulate a gradual repair of the lungs, including the leak gut. Over time, this will occur to as great an extent as possible. The highly charged electrons Alka Super C releases in cells gives cells extra energy to repair and regenerate

A 3 bottle a month dosage is maximum dosage. However, that would be nebulizing 9 times a day, 1 tsp each session. Two bottles a month is most likely enough if you stick with it. Reversing pulmonary fibrosis is almost impossible to do. Preventing it from getting worse is not so hard. Make nebulizing Alka Super C a normal part of your daily activity. After a year you may be able to decrease to 3 times a day and still be achieving optimal results.

A nebulizer is a small machine you plug in and turn on. It vaporizes a liquid such as Alka Super C. You breath the vapor into the lungs. While you can't get a nebulizer locally without a prescription, you can find them on Amazon or Walmart.


2 bottles monthly Vitamin D Activator used with High Dose Vitamin D and Vitamin K

Although Alka Super C reduces inflammation in the body, it does not specifically modulate the immune system. The very best way to reduce the autoimmune response and stop it entirely, is to take high dose vitamin D along with vitamin K. It is so so good, in fact, some doctors say using very very high dose vitamin D and vitamin K is the cure for autoimmune diseases,

We suggested here an added elixir that increases effectiveness greatly.

Vitamin D Activator is a special frequency enhanced elixir that improves the actions of vitamins D3 and K. This elixir turns on production of vitamin D and vitamin K transport proteins to high optimal levels. These transport proteins transport vitamin D and vitamin K throughout the body, wherever they need to go, and help carry them into cells. Almost everyone is low in these transport proteins. The genes that turn on their production become damaged by toxins. In this high dose protocol, you need additional transport proteins to handle the increased amount of D and K in the body.

High dose vitamin D has been used by MDs and other health professionals for reversing autoimmune diseases, reducing inflammation, preventing and fighting cancer, colds, flu and other infections, for cardiovascular health and more. High dose vitamin D3 is about 35% more effective when also using Vitamin D Activator. With increased levels of vitamin D, more D transport proteins are needed to carry vitamin D where it needs to go. Vitamin D Activator does not supply vitamin D or vitamin K. It turns on production of the transport proteins needed to carry them to cells. Plus it stimulates the body to repair vitamin D and vitamin K receptor sites so that vitamin K and vitamin D can get into cells more efficiently.

The amount of vitamin D that is optimal to use in a high dose protocol, though even higher doses have been recommended, is this. Take 30,000 IU a day of vitamin D3 ongoing. If you get a well absorbed, emulsified, Vitamin D Mulsion Forte, 15 drops is 30,000 IU. There are 750 drops, 2000 IU per drop, in a bottle - so a bottle lasts 7 weeks.

Vitamin D greatly increases absorption of calcium. Vitamin D toxicity is caused by excess calcium in the blood which is caused by this increased absorption. To prevent this, you need to take vitamin K when using high dose vitamin D. Vitamin K will move calcium from the blood to the bones. This prevents a buildup of calcium in the blood, and helps your bones become stronger. It enables you to take high dose vitamin D3 with no problems. The blood levels of vitamin D that these practitioners suggest as optimal for reversing autoimmune disease is in the 150 to 200 range, about double the normal high range. There is no toxicity because high dose vitamin K is used along with the vitamin D.

Because there are several types of vitamin K that have different functions, what to use is a little more complicated. Vitamin K1 can be converted in the body to vitamin K2, but it also improves blood clotting while K2 does not.

So if on blood thinners, where you don’t want the blood to clot better, just use vitamin K2. The MK-7 version is the most active for moving calcium to the bones. T Take 400 mcg of MK-7 K2 a day. This is a much higher dose than normal, but with more D in the body, it is needed.

If you have calcification in the joints or arteries, or breasts, kidneys, if you are diabetic which tends to cause calcification of the arteries and kidneys, or if you have stones or bone spurs, use even a higher dose to eventually remove that buildup of calcium from where you don’t want it. Use 800 mcg of MK-7 K2 a day till all the calcification is gone. Then drop to 400 mcg a day as long as you are on a high dose D3 regime. (High dose D and K has so many benefits, in my opinion it is worthwhile to be on forever.)

If you aren’t on blood thinners, vitamin K1 tests more optimal to use. It is much less expensive too. Your body converts K1 into K2 as needed. There are 15 types of K2, not just the MK-4 or the MK-7 that are sold for K2 supplementation. They all have a purpose in the body. Use 3000 mcg a day of K1 when on high dose D3. This is less inexpensive than K2. If using the Vitamin K Emulsified, 1 drop is 500 mcg of K1, so use 6 drops a day. With 750 drops per bottle, a bottle would last 4 months.

2 bottles a month of Super PEO

This 8 ounce bottle is a combination of organic cold pressed oils and essential oils that supply the optimal ratio of Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s for cell health and cardiovascular health. This optimal ratio, made with high quality oils, enables the body to build high quality, permeable cell walls. Your body will use these fatty acids in preference to poor quality fats. This enables cells to uptake oxygen and nutrients much more efficiently.

Super PEO is highly anti-inflammatory. Poor quality, Omega 6 containing vegetable oils, cause inflammation and clog up your cells. Poor quality vegetable and seed oils have been either heat or chemically processed. Even if they have been expeller pressed, if you cook or bake them, you destroy their quality. Consuming poor quality vegetable or seed oils is a major cause of heart disease and diabetes. They also contribute to excess inflammation and poor health in many other ways.

Consuming Super PEO will help prevent the damage these poor quality oils cause in the body. It will help educe insulin resistance, increase arterial flexibility, help to heal and clear arteries and veins. Using this will counter the effects of the bad fats so common in diets these days as your body will use Super PEO fatty acids preferentially to the poor quality vegetable oils that have been cooked or damaged during processing.

The actions of Super PEO are especially important for helping heal pulmonary fibrosis. It reduces lung inflammation. It softens hardened lung cells. This will help make the lungs more flexible. It will enable more oxygen to enter cells because they are softer and allow oxygen to enter more easily.

Super PEO is not as important as the first two suggestions, but it is one of the essentials for beating pulmonary fibrosis. And for preventing heart disease, diabetes and more.

Certainly other products are useful for pulmonary fibrosis. In the past we suggested many many more supplements. But they are not as important if you use these three. We could individually suggest others for you if you want to hit your pulmonary fibrosis even harder. Just reach out and ask... But these three suggestions are the fundamentals to start with and they can make a big difference..

The online store that is the only source for many of these products is:

You can also give them a call at 1 800 832 9755 or 616-719-1376 to order or to ask questions.

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